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Computers Don't Compost

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Nice alternative to Miegakure. I always love to play around with multidimensional stuff.  During gameplay is it normal that when you switching dimensions it is hard to predict the result especially the very first time?

Maybe someone enjoyed playing the most in his own way. I don't think we should insist that he's ruining something in this case. I think audio controls should not present in the design if the runtime of the game has these controls. I searched how to mute tabs in browser and I got what I need so you don't have to do anything.

In browser (Chrome). Appears after loading bar.

Nice game. Enjoyed playing.

Not tested Windows version but in HTML5 version something is wrong with pulling. He's pulling a little bit and then just walking in that direction instead of pulling.

Is says "Cannot read property 'getParameter' of undefined".

Nice puzzle. Would be cool if sounds and/or music can be turned off so I can listen to anything else while playing.

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I want to preset to you my new relaxing puzzle game called Deshgram Roller.

Desh- comes from French or Russian pronunciation of decipher and -gram means drawn or written. Deshgram is a visualization of a defined multidimensional coordinate system. In a game you have to manipulate on axes of a deshgram to unravel pictures and it looks like everything is kind of rolling around.

Also this game is an open source experimental project so feel free to send your ideas and suggestions.