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Hello there! I’m Julian and I’m looking for new projects to be a part of. I have worked on several indie games ranging from mobile puzzle games, visual novels, horror, trailers, and tactical RPGs. Please take a look at my demo reels which are organized into different categories for your convenience.

Thank you for stopping by and taking a look!



Discord: composerjf 


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Hello there! I am Julian and I’m looking for new projects to provide music to. I have worked on several indie games ranging from mobile puzzle games, visual novels, horror, trailers, and tactical RPGs.

Please take a look at my demo reels which are organized into different categories for your convenience.



Discord: composerjf


Thank you for stopping by and taking a look!

Hello, I'm Julian and I recently finished a game project's music. So now, I am looking for/accepting new projects. I have worked on several indie games ranging from mobile puzzle games, visual novels, horror, trailers, and tactical RPGs.

Please take a look at my demo reels which are organized into different categories for your convenience. If you have any questions feel free to get in touch below. Thank you for stopping by!



Discord: composerjf


Hello there! My name is Julian and I am a music composer looking for more projects to be a part of. I specialize in making orchestral music but am happy to try other kinds of music as well. If location is of importance, I am from Canada.

Here are my demo reels organized into different categories for your convenience. I have worked on several indie games ranging from mobile puzzle games, visual novels, horror, trailers, and tactical RPGs.

Generally my rates are 200 CAD per minute of finished music under commercial use. This includes edits, mixing and mastering, etc. If you’d like to work together but I am out of your budget, do still get in touch and perhaps we may figure something out that’ll work for the both of us!

If you have any questions or just to get in touch, the best way to contact me is through below.



Discord: composerjf


Thanks for stopping by and taking a look! Have a good day!

Hello, I’m Julian and this is my visual novel demo reel - not just looking for visual novel projects though; I have other demo reels you can check out! I have worked on several indie games ranging from mobile puzzle games, visual novels, horror, and tactical RPGs.



Discord: composerjf


Thanks for stopping by!

This is pretty much the only detective-like music I've made. If you like it, I can license it to you.

Here's some demo reels of mine if you want to hear more of my work.

If you'd like to license or work together, best way to contact me is either email ( or discord (composerjf).

I hope you find what you're looking for!

Hello there! I'm Julian and I specialize in writing orchestral music but I'm open to other genres as well. I have worked on several kinds of games including visual novels, mobile puzzles, tactics RPG, horror, and trailers.

You can check out my demo reels here:

Currently at this time I am looking for projects with a budget. Of course I am open to discussion. If you like what you hear, feel free to get in touch!



Discord: ComposerJF#4022

For future race packs, could you consider making them have the same kind of weapons as the other packs? For instance, I'm thinking of a RTS game that you can build units. With this human pack, I can build horses but with your Undead pack, I can't because there's no horses. Another, would be spears (in this pack) to counter horses but there's no spears in the Orc pack.

These MiniFolks packs of yours are amazing by the way! Keep up the good work and I look forward to more of your work!

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Hello there!

My name is Julian and I'm a music composer who specializes in writing orchestral music - I am happy to do other genres as well. I'm not particularly looking for a certain type of game. So it doesn't matter if your game is a visual novel, 2D platformer, mobile, etc. I'd be happy to work with you regardless. I have experience working on several indie games already. You can check some of them out on my website.

Samples / Work

Small collection of my demo reels

Full Tracks

- Looping battle track for a Fire Emblem inspired game

- Another looping battle track for the same game as above

- Dark piano inspired by the game, Ender Lilies

- Horror piano inspired by the game, Yomawari: Night Alone

- Visual novel school BGM


You can easily get a hold of me here:


Discord: ComposerJF#4022

Nice small little game! Almost lost on the warlock battle because I didn't expect him to resummon the skeleton archers as imps. 

Woah, this is your first game!? From playing it, it seemed like you had experience already in game development. And you're solo developing it too! Good job!

Hey, I liked the demo! It's very well put together. Artwork is great (there's quite a few CG scenes even though it's a demo which is nice!). And the audio is very fitting - sfx blend well with the game and music is jazzy.

One thing that I didn't like is when multiple choices came up. It gives you a feeling of choice however, it locks you into getting the right choice. So even if you chose something wrong, it game is like oh that's wrong try again until you get it right - there's no consequences.

But overall, great demo! Also I noticed that there aren't any social links and stuff to follow your game development. Would highly recommend doing so, so that you can accumulate a following for when your game finally releases. And perhaps add in credits of the team so people who may be creators as well, can commission those artists and such.

I wish you the best with development!

Hey there,

I just want to say I love these devlogs you’re doing! It really shows the creative process and planning of how things came to be.

Love the documentation on this post. Shows the references and inspirations and gradually shows the artwork becoming finalized. But not only the path of the final but the variations you’ve tried along the way with short notes on why you decided what.

Also read the logo devlog. It’s pretty crazy that your logo designer, Nina, decided to draw by hand the different drafts. Did you ever ask her why? Logo looks great and I can’t wait to see what the ingame UI menus and buttons look like!

I really hope you continue these devlogs and cover more areas of the game; like music, characters, story (might have spoilers so maybe not haha), design, concept art, etc. But yeah, I just wanted to say this since I didn’t see any other comments here and wanted to let you know there’s at least someone appreciating these devlogs!

I wish you and your team the best on development!

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Really love how well the art and design blends together! Along with the nice warm color palette, it definitely creates a nice atmosphere like being in a coffee shop.

The short little video at the end of the demo confused me just a tad until I realized it was a droplet. I think it’s because it’s very dark. First time looking at it, it looked more like weird moving gray shapes until the ripples started showing up.

Congrats on making this awesome demo!

I’ve also noticed you’ve used royalty free music. If you want custom music, let me know, I’d love to help for this or future projects!

Hey there Max!

I’m Julian and I came across your game and played the latest version (v1.0.8), and I have to say it looks great so far! I see awesome potential!

I know you’re still developing it but as a player currently, I don’t know what stuff does or costs. For example, I hover over an icon, click on it and it says insufficient funds (how much does it cost?). There’s a building that I could build but it was all red and I have no idea what the requirements of where it should be. I also don’t know what the buildings do either. I think if you include a hover tooltip like in most RTS games, that’d be immensely helpful.

Another major thing currently, is that it takes a really long time to dig. Even with 3 diggers chipping at dirt, it takes way too long. Maybe it’ll be fine late game managing tons of dwarves but early game, there is way too much down time.

If you work on these 2 things, I think it’ll make your current build significantly better for people who give your game a try. And hopefully, they’ll keep playing, have fun, and follow and support your development!

As for bugs, a bug I’ve encountered is when in-game, when I pull up the menu, all the buttons except for the settings button works. I click on settings and nothing happens.

Another bug is when having a building selected, the 3 buttons (scroll, hammer, wooden planks?) all give an argument null exception.

There was an instance of the console screen coming up talking about an error or something but I don’t know what it was nor how to recreate it.

But overall, great job! The models are high quality and I see awesome potential in your game!

Also by the way, I noticed that there’s only a main menu music track. I tried looking around a bit but I didn’t see a composer credited. Are you perhaps in need of some music? I could help you out!

If you’d like to discuss more you can add me on discord: ComposerJF#4022

Best of luck on development and I hope to see it eventually released in stores!

Awesome game! I finally beat all 3 levels. It's extremely hard though lol.

Enemies have like no attack cooldown nor do they get stunned so pretty much the only time you can hit them is if you successfully parry. But even if you parry, you have to immediately attack (like the 2nd level, if you're just a bit late after parrying, the guy hits you just as you're about to finish your attack animation).

Another thing is that the enemies all have weapons that are just a bit longer than your sword. Which means you have to be within their attack range to hurt them and that means you must parry.

You also get stunned when you get hit but the enemies do not. You like never get a chance to do a double attack hit.

Also, to be honest, the dash ability pretty much doesn't make the game easier at all lol. It's like only useful in the first level where the guy charges you. Once you parry his charge, I guess you could use the dash to catch up to him since he almost always overshoots past you and he'll keep charging till you get close enough.

You've made an extremely hard game - harder than Sekiro lol. Your timing must be very on point and there's practically no "free" hits on the enemies. But with enough patience and practice, people can get through. And those who do, are rewarded with a sense of achievement on this difficult game.


If you want to make it easier (like an easier mode or something), add in attack cooldown on enemies so on certain attacks or something so you can get in free hits. 

Another is to add enemy stun.


As for suggestions to the actual game and not difficulty, you could add a health bar for the boss so we can see how much more we need to fight before he dies.


But yeah, awesome game! Good job!

Hey this is awesome! Very polished.

I know this is for a game jam but if you continue developing this, I recommend changing the main body (the circle) so that it stands out easier when you've got a lot of drones. I had a large fleet and was having trouble finding where the circle was. Perhaps making it have a different color like light green or something. 

Another is to set a cap on max sounds playing. With lots of upgrades in the rate of fire + a large fleet, holding down the fire button spams the "fire" sfx too much and gets very very loud. 

Late game, when you've got a lot of upgrades + large fleet, it shakes the screen a ton and lags the game until you stop firing. Can't really do much about the lag though.

But yeah, great work! And I hope you continue to develop awesome games!

Just going to throw my hat in here. Here's some horror tracks I've made:


Anxiety Inducing Clockwork


You can get a hold of me here:


Discord: ComposerJF#4022

I hope you find someone suitable for your project and best of luck with development!

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Hello there!

I'm Julian and I'm looking for games that need music. I specialize in writing orchestral music however, I am open to doing any kind of music.

Please check out some of my work below. 

Main Themes
Coop Adventure/Building Game
Fantasy, SRPG Game
Visual Novel

Battle Tracks
Intense Boss Fight (Inspired by Bloodborne)
Slow, Methodical Boss Fight (Inspired by Dark Souls)
30s Looping Fantasy Battle Track
Forest, Lighthearted

Dark, Haunting (Inspired by Bloodborne)
Horror Piano
Calm, Relaxing Guitar
Calm, Ambient, Puzzle game

Piano Tracks
Cute, Happy

Cinematic/Trailer Tracks
Horror Clockwork

Bouncy, Happy Town Theme
Epic, Heroic


Discord: ComposerJF#4022

Thank you for listening!

If I remember correctly, I think I read that the crash error said something was out of bounds. I had a big death stack army and during the battle, I think I saw some units phasing out of the field onto the edges.

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Hey this is pretty awesome!

I played it for quite a while but then the game crashed haha. I suppose I had too large of a stack army - as each battle I had with more units, I felt a gradual "slowness/lag" until a game error crashed the game.

I think you should reduce the time it takes for hover-over tooltips to show. I found myself constantly wanting the tooltip hover to show up faster so I can read what the thing does. And on that note, there's still some things that I had trouble understanding that you could make clearer. For example, I didn't know how mana regened at all. Perhaps add more tooltips / tutorial / gameplay mechanic page.

I only played 1 faction nor did I fight the other faction AI but overall, it's very polished from what I've experienced! Honestly, I can see this as a release with a price tag on it. Just do some more polishing and get some audio into it and package it up! :)

Hey everyone! I'm Julian and I specialize in writing orchestral music - but I do like dabbling with synths and would be happy to try other genres. If time zone is of importance, my time is GMT-7 - I'm Canadian! :) Other than that, please check out my work below:


Main themes:

SRPG (think Fire Emblem) game

2D magical platformer

3D coop adventure & town building


Boss battle inspired by Bloodborne

Inspired by Bloodborne, 3 phases. Intro -> normal -> intense

30 second looping battle track

Battle track for a SRPG game


Dark, Souls-like inspired

Relaxing. Could work with farming games and such

Relaxing town theme

Bouncy town theme

Dark electronic synths



Cute, bright






Discord: ComposerJF#4022

Hope to hear from you and all about your game world!

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Hi, I am Julian  and I specialize in cinematic/orchestral music. It is always a joy to meet new people, seeing what they have been working on, collaborating together to enhance their projects through my skills, and ultimately creating a fantastic freelancer-client relationship. 


You can view some of my game projects on my website under music:

Some more of my music (not tied to any project):


Please note that I am only looking for paid work.

My rates vary on multiple factors and if you are comfortable with sharing, please tell me a little bit about your project such as :

  • Amount of music needed
  • Type of music
  • Music rights (Aside from the in-game music, do you want the rights to sell the music as well?)
  • Is it a free/commercial project?
  • Is the project being developed by an indie/studio?
  • Deadlines
  • What is the budget?
  • And anything else you think I should know

Of course, you don't have to share all of the above if you are not comfortable sharing. But it will greatly help in determining what would be possible/impossible within the scope of work of your project.


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Hey, I'd be interested in doing the music.  Really loved Ori and the Blind Forest OST - never heard Owlboy's OST but I'll check out now.

I specialize in orchestral music and here are some samples of what I'm cable of: (Main theme of a Fire Emblem type game) (This is more on the cinematic/epic side)

You can contact me:


discord: ComposerJF#4022


I'm the composer that Jon Spencer mentioned. I'd be happy to help your game.

Please feel free to contact me through email or discord so we can discuss on what to do.


Discord: ComposerJF#4022

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I'm a composer looking to write music for a project. I mainly specialize in orchestral music but I'm open to doing other kinds of genres. Please check out my works below :)

Personal works






Unfortunately, a lot of projects that I've been involved in, will never see the light of day (abandoned). If they are released/have a dev blog, I will provide a link.

Side note: Some tracks will cut off "randomly". This is because it is a looping track that goes on and on, never having an intended ending.

Single tracks

Hiro's Ascension

I've only written tracks for the "important" parts of this game because it was for a gamejam. There was only a month so we had to prioritize the main parts and leave the rest for stock music. Game link:

Concept Demo V2.0

This concept demo was out of my comfort zone. They wanted it to be Celtic  and having never written Celtic, I tried my best. All these tracks were accepted but unfortunately, I don't think this project will be released/finished.

Happen Stance


I hope you enjoyed listening!If you think I fit your work, you can contact me via down below. Even if you feel like your project wouldn't fit my musical style, feel free to still contact me. I could write a small demo for you and you can determine if it works or not. After all, I've had two projects that were out of my comfort zone and it turned out pretty well.

Discord: ComposerJF#4022



Thanks so much for allowing me to use it!

I hope you two continue to keep making games because you both got something to create this gem. (Not to mention this is your first finished game!)

I'll check out Circuit sometime soon :)

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Hello, I found this via the Indie Game Making Contest 2018! It's such a fantastic little game that I got inspired to write some music.

May I use the picture (cover art) of Paletta floating with a star for youtube/soundcloud when I upload it? I'll explicitly state that it's not directly associated with the game.