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Hi, I am Julian  and I specialize in cinematic/orchestral music. It is always a joy to meet new people, seeing what they have been working on, collaborating together to enhance their projects through my skills, and ultimately creating a fantastic freelancer-client relationship. 


You can view some of my game projects on my website under music:

Some more of my music (not tied to any project):


Please note that I am only looking for paid work.

My rates vary on multiple factors and if you are comfortable with sharing, please tell me a little bit about your project such as :

  • Amount of music needed
  • Type of music
  • Music rights (Aside from the in-game music, do you want the rights to sell the music as well?)
  • Is it a free/commercial project?
  • Is the project being developed by an indie/studio?
  • Deadlines
  • What is the budget?
  • And anything else you think I should know

Of course, you don't have to share all of the above if you are not comfortable sharing. But it will greatly help in determining what would be possible/impossible within the scope of work of your project.


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Hey, I'd be interested in doing the music.  Really loved Ori and the Blind Forest OST - never heard Owlboy's OST but I'll check out now.

I specialize in orchestral music and here are some samples of what I'm cable of: (Main theme of a Fire Emblem type game) (This is more on the cinematic/epic side)

You can contact me:


discord: ComposerJF#4022


I'm the composer that Jon Spencer mentioned. I'd be happy to help your game.

Please feel free to contact me through email or discord so we can discuss on what to do.


Discord: ComposerJF#4022

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I'm a composer looking to write music for a project. I mainly specialize in orchestral music but I'm open to doing other kinds of genres. Please check out my works below :)

Personal works






Unfortunately, a lot of projects that I've been involved in, will never see the light of day (abandoned). If they are released/have a dev blog, I will provide a link.

Side note: Some tracks will cut off "randomly". This is because it is a looping track that goes on and on, never having an intended ending.

Single tracks

Hiro's Ascension

I've only written tracks for the "important" parts of this game because it was for a gamejam. There was only a month so we had to prioritize the main parts and leave the rest for stock music. Game link:

Concept Demo V2.0

This concept demo was out of my comfort zone. They wanted it to be Celtic  and having never written Celtic, I tried my best. All these tracks were accepted but unfortunately, I don't think this project will be released/finished.

Happen Stance


I hope you enjoyed listening!If you think I fit your work, you can contact me via down below. Even if you feel like your project wouldn't fit my musical style, feel free to still contact me. I could write a small demo for you and you can determine if it works or not. After all, I've had two projects that were out of my comfort zone and it turned out pretty well.

Discord: ComposerJF#4022



Thanks so much for allowing me to use it!

I hope you two continue to keep making games because you both got something to create this gem. (Not to mention this is your first finished game!)

I'll check out Circuit sometime soon :)

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Hello, I found this via the Indie Game Making Contest 2018! It's such a fantastic little game that I got inspired to write some music.

May I use the picture (cover art) of Paletta floating with a star for youtube/soundcloud when I upload it? I'll explicitly state that it's not directly associated with the game.