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thank you

thank you for the feedback

Thank you for that feedback it means alot!

Thank you!

Thank you it means alot

Thank you so much!

Thank you 1 year of planning the story out of the game engine! but thanks for the feed back

Thank you means a lot we are working hard to make the best experience we can for players to enjoy!

Thank you very much we are updating this demo until the full game is released so make sure to keep up to date! :)

Thank you!

The certain mechanics yes as a placeholder so we have rough idea how we are going to progress later updates this will be switched out.

Thank you we are working on updates for this game! Keep updated.

Also the assets from that you mentioned are commonly used but we used them as a type of placeholder for future reference.

Thank you and we have huge plans for this game all we ask is for trust from people as hard we know that can be with the scammers and stuff this day and age. :)

Thank you we listen to everyone's feedback even people that it doesn't fit their taste and work from it to make the game better :)

Thank you !

As of the meeting we are remapping the map and some mechanics we are aiming to push the update out in a month or so but we will announce more every few days to keep everyone in the loop thanks for reaching out.

Thank you we are constantly going to be updating the game so keep an eye out!

Thank you for the feedback we are having a meeting today as a team to work on fixing things. :)

Thank you !

Thanks we are still working on updates too! so join discord or collection the game and stay updated. thanks from all the team @CE 

Thank you means alot!

Thank you for this understanding.

We can assure you that we have worked countlessly and continue to do so everyday. Its a project we've been planning for a long time and finally are taking the steps to make our vision come true. Could you be more specific in what appears for you when you open the game? As from our development side and the testers we've had the only thing that shows before the game loads is 'made with unity' as thats the engine we use. If there is something else appearing when being downloaded this would be an issue we would need to address asap and update. If you'd prefer to discuss this privately please don't hesitate to join our discord or DM me. Jay (aka Ghosted#0594)

Also could you possibly tell us what you mean about matching up names? As we do not want this unprofessional look because we are working hard to get an amazing standards type game?

Thank you for the feedback on our demo we will definitely take in you're thoughts and ideas we knew that it was stiff and short and will be pushing many updates out to fix this thanks again. CE

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Something dark consumes Mr Johnsons mind. What terrible act did he commit? More so what drove him to this state? Navigate through various dark dreams and uncover Mr Johnsons secrets. You must PUZZLE together the events that led to that fateful night.