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Hi, that's looking neat!

I have an early progress update too!

I am building a game to get the player inside the skin of animals that are endangered by anthropogenic pollution. I am starting with this little fish. It should be a short action game, so if I have time I might add more animals with similar mechanics. LET'S SEE.

Peace, -- RB

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Skeptical or not, information is always welcome, specially when it's new, fresh and credible.

Elon Musk

For Mr. Mars, the path to a sustainable future requires carbon emissions to be taxed, as they are harmful for society and so have to be counterbalanced. The tax break and subsidy for CO2 pollution is the only way we can get past the morale barrier to preserve the environment.

Barack Obama

For President Obama, the science data is terrifying and politics are not moving with the efficiency necessary to counteract the acceleration of climate change.

Neil Degrasse Tyson

Superstar Astrophysicist explains greenhouse effect physics and how we know global warming is caused by modern civilization dependency on fossil fuel.

SciShow w/ Hank Green

Peace, RB

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Q: Does the game need to be educational? Does it need to based in reality?

A: No, educational value is only one of the evaluation criteria. And no, fiction is one of the most powerful ways to convey an idea as you can talk about reality without getting too caught up in complex details.

Q: What are the evaluation criteria?

A: There are 4 criteria:

  • Adherence to theme
  • Fun
  • Education value
  • Innovation

Q: Is there any winning prize?

A: We'd love to, help us spread the word on your social media!

Q: Is there a format, platform or framework restriction?

A: No, be bold and be wild. Or go for your safe bet, your call.

Q: Climate change is a lie, can I make a game about that?

A: Absolutely, and we strongly encourage you to. Games are extraordinary communication tools as they involve so many engaging interaction, allowing users to experience your arguments and ideas. You are one of us, tell us your story!

Q: Why now, I want pumpkins for halloween!

A: I KNOW! But the timing is actually pretty important here:

- September was the hottest on record
- Arctic melt highest and longest on record
- Paris Agreement was accepeted by European Union and will enter in force this year
- United Nations Climate Convention (COP22) in Marrakech 7-18 Nov

It's the moment of highest worry and highest hope for climate justice, and it's just the beginning!
But it is the beginning of something TITANIC, and it will make or break the future of humankind.

What other questions you have? Let us know!

Peace, RB

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Hi, my name is Rafael Bandeira, the person behind [] I am a professional software engineer and contractor. I was born in Brazil and live in Amsterdam.

I am very worried about the results of greenhouse gas induced climate change, but I am also very excited about the coordinated effort it demands from International communities, it's a first clear and large scale peaceful goal to unite the World: developed and developing countries, scientists and activists, politicians and citizens alike are affected by it and are called to immediate action to secure a sustainable future, or any future at all really, for our species.

To be frank, you don't even need to go that far, we polluted the atmosphere enough to keep the Earth warming up for the next 100 years. Action is needed even for a mildly pleasant future for me and my generation, who'll be around enough to suffer for lost ice lands and burned forests, and killing floods and winds.

Do you want to contribute to awareness and understanding of the impact climate change has in human experience and culture?

Thank you and welcome, you are in the right place!

Questions? Doubts? More info? ASK ME ANYTHING.

Follow me on twitter for news and art on climate change @cmd3r

This is great work, so much fun and quite the trip! Thank you

I really liked this, thanks, it was beautiful. Great work!

Some UI improvements:

  • stardate always visible, maybe fixed at the bottom?
  • separate the extinct as it can get pretty confusing with more than 1-2 civs
  • scrolling becomes distracting when you have a lot to manage, maybe prepend text, like a newsfeed, instead of append?