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i definitely can find things to improve upon, lol
the rope physics kinda suck for example
and the levels aren't really interesting


thank you for the feedback! But still, onoooo that shouldn’t happen. Dangiiiit


Wow, thank you for the very positive feedback. Really means a lot to us <3


thank you Sam! My G UWU

Thank youuuu!


wowwwwww, thank you for the kind words! We really apreciate it <3


thank you a lot <3


thank you so much for the feedback. I at least want to work on a bigger version of the game. We’ll have to see <3


Yooooooooooooooo thanks


This game has a good concept. I dont know about the execution tho. It feels a bit clunky and messy. Still thats normal for a gamejam. I like the visuals. They are clear and minimalist. That is always good. Great job for submitting in time and making this <3

I like the art. its minimalistic with a small palette. Cant go wrong with that. The gameplay is mediocre, but a bit buggy at times(normal for a jam). Great job for submitting in time <3

This game has some good art! The animations are smooth and the gameplay is pretty fun. One thing is that the game has some bugs. Like not being able to kill the slimes. Still great job overall <3

Thank you so much for the kind words <3


This art is GREAT! I love the wiggly tails and trails. The gameplay is above average too. Great job <3

Comfy breath................................. BREatH OH MY GOD ITsat MANisHA OoQMEOGMKW


This game. OH BOY.. This game is so polished! the 1 bit art is really intriguing and the juice is MAD! The gameplay was a bit weird at first but when you get the hang of it, it really starts to become fun. Great job overall for submitting something like this <3

Yeah! Might turn it in to a bigger more fleshed out version for our game collection!


This game is really polished. Great job!!! It is so good <3

This art is sick! I love how it is minimalist but still manages to please my eyes. Great job y'all <3

I really enjoyed this! The art is pretty and the grayscale was a good shout! The gameplay was above average and that is always great. Good job <3

This art is MAD GOOD! I love it. The concept has been done quite a few times in this jam, but it still felt nice and refreshing. Great job for finishing <3

Thank you a lot for the feedback!




I really love how you have made a twist on a tower defense game! You dont really see that often. Also the art is pretty appealing, even tho the ui is quite basic. Great job overall for submitting in time <3 TAKE IT NOW THANK YOU

I LOVE the water theme. The art is mediocre. The gameplay is minimal. And the soundtrack is banging. Great job overall!

Give me you game and me rate UWU... BUT YOU RATE ME GAME TOOO THANKS <3

This game makes me UWU. Great job. I think that adding a walrus was a genius move <3

Yeah, me too. UWU

Thank you so much for the kind words <3


thank you so muchhhh!


yeah, thank you for the feedback <3


That is kinda strange? There does not appear to be UI in the game. But oh well thank you for the feedback<3


Ok. The visuals were pretty nice! Tho the gameplay was a bit confusing. Adding and removing clones. Great job tho, it's really hard to succeed at a gamejam so short as 1 week <3

Thank you a lot <3


the developer hasnt uploaded a game yet?

This game was fun! I just would like a bit more variation.  The visuals I think are the main selling point in this, and it really seems to show. The game really does miss music, but oh well it's a jam. Great job overall for making this <3

I think that the core concept was not that original, but the execution was good! Great job overall, I am really proud that you managed to submit in time <3