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you can! Esc to go back to menu, from there go to the level select screen,,,
Thanks for enjoying LTGD <3

One of the coolest games I've played in a while. Now that I think about it might go into my top 3 favourite games of all time! Great job devs <3

I love this game too much, so weird and delicate

Thanks ’o.o ily too

always besting me!

Glad to hear!

I don’t really understand what is going on in terms of gameplay. Got to the part where there’s 50 red dialogue lines shaking and couldn’t figure out after that. Cool block pusher, but maybe further explanation needed. Storywise some of the delivery comes off as a bit cliché, but I’ve seen worse.

good job!

You might’ve confused the cross and that, they are pretty similar :)


Well this game gonna win LMFAO Amazing visuals, great audio, fun story! Overall amazing job <3

I love you o.o/<3

Can’t wait to try it! Congrats (:

I’ll update the submission info with my ko-fi, that should do the job (’:

I don’t have a paypal account, is stripe eligible?

So, I guess this is it then. Moonstuck is finally out. It’s kinda crazy that after 5 months, the game is actually released.

Moonstuck might seem small, but for me it has been a massive challenge. I’ve never worked on a project for this long before, and I’ve had to learn a lot of different skills along the way.

Moonstuck wasn’t always fun and games. When you are working on a longer project, it’s basically inevitable to feel burnout. At these times it’s really more about dicipline, than it’s about motivation. The important thing is that I pushed through, and actually managed to finish the game. Yeah, I had to cut some features, but it’s more important to get the game actually finished than it’s to add a leaderboard.

I got the idea for Moonstuck after being one of the winners in the Ludwig gamejam. I got really into hard games for a while which made me think, how can I turn something brutally hard into wholesome and chill? This idea just slowly evolved into Moonstuck. What if I have chill lo-fi music in the background? What if I use a soothing pastel colour palette? What if the game had a cartoony sketchbook feel?

I’m just glad that this game is finished. I’m so excited to be free, to work on something different. It has been a fun journey, and I hope that you enjoy playing Moonstuck as much as i enjoyed making it.

I love the art so much! It’s sketchy and well, I LOOOOVE sketchy <3

The toy is the shurikens ;)

Heya, I was wondering if there would be an age requirement? I’m 17 and was debating if it would be coolio to join :)

Nahh, im your biggest friend

Pretty cool huh. The character feels awesome and the ability is fun.

gj sai

Now, what a great thing this is. But oh well, what else can I expect from you Andie! Very good, oui

Mushboom, more like MushWTFTHISISAMAZING. That’s all I have to say. PS: good job Jay <3

I love it. The way you combine fighting and moving is genius. The character is responsive and controlling it feels super fun. Overall great submission!

Super cool submission! Great job overall. The art is amazing and the VFX are on point.


I don’t like you ):

Yoo you code unity?? That’s sick. Maybe you can share some knowledge on how the backend works (:

Hey umm, I have a git ignore and everything but it still says that the file size is too big! Is there no way I could just use google drive? Kinda desperate here, haha <3

I love you dan

That's just plain rude tho. The devs have worked so hard towards this and you tell them to not support themselves through it? WOW

There like ninja and katana and stuff.. COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By far the best game in the jam. The controls are snappy, the gameplay is well designed, the sounds are BANGING and do I even need to say anything about the art. I m in love with it!!! Still can't beat it tho (shh)


Speedrun go brr

this was drawn digitally haha! I was planning on doing it traditionally but 1 week is not enough

(1 edit)

First of all, I really enjoy the art and the music, but the gameplay feels a bit clunky? It doesn't seem to teach the mechanics really clearly which leads into confusion really quickly. When you get the hang of the gameplay it becomes really fun tho! You can pull off some cool tricks with the bouncing ball thing. I also noticed that the Pixelart looks blurry and weirdly anti-aliased even, It kinda takes away from the feel and the rich environments.

Overall really great job on this game, you making me look really bad in comparison hahahahah <3

Okay first of all I LOVE the graphics! They feel retro but at the same time it has such beautiful colors that the old games could not have pulled off. The gameplay is vey jump king-y but the setting and the overall theme of the game differs a lot so it doesn't feel boring and "seen". One thing is the music tho.. I feel like the soundtrack in the game kinda ruined the mood partially for me! It doesn't really seem to fit the game in a smart way which is a bit of a fail. STILL great job on making this! Really making me jelly on what everyone has been creating (:

I LOOVE the feel of this game! It is so juicy and polished. I also really like the way you incorporated the foddyan genre to topdown. The gameplay is super fun and the Pixilart is super professional.

Great job <3

What a great game! I have no idea on how y'all pulled this off during a 1 week long jam.. kinda jelly tbh haha! The visuals are amazing and the movement feels super fluid. The game teaches the mechanics vey early on which is a big win (a lot of games don't actually do this) and once you figure out how to do the next jump it feels super rewarding! Great job overall <3