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Final Update: Cutting Too Close

It's up.
It's done.
Aaaand it looks terrible.
It's nowhere near done (obviously), and is about as basic as it gets.
The game has a lot of potential, and we have some excellent ideas for it, but the implementation took far longer then expected. in the end, we only just managed to upload it within minuets of the deadline.
Here is the link:

Thank you for being with us on this somewhat stressful journey. Please look forward to more updates as our Little Voyager turns into an actual game.

This demo is a disaster.

Day 13: Somewhat Behind

It's been awhile since my last update. Unfortunately, the game will not be finished by the deadline. However, we will still submit a "demo" of what we have, and would greatly appreciate your feed back on it.

I am terribly sorry about this sudden change. I made an assumption that was unfounded, if not illogical. I hope you all will still join us after the Jam as we finish the game.

Day 7: Gathering Momentum

Good news! We have caught up on everything we had previously, and have moved on to the level design and implementation phase. This will most likely take some time, but it shouldn't hold us back much. 
Now, you might be thinking, "Hey! When are we going to see some gameplay!" 
Well, I'd love to show you some of what we have, but at the same time, this is one of those games that is better left unspoiled. Don't worry, later on in development I'll probably post some concept art and maybe some gameplay of the test level. Hope you all understand. 

Many thanks! I won't say the transition wasn't frustrating, but it seems we have caught up with most of what we had. So the loss wasn't too great.

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Day 4: Completely Flipped!

I wasn't planning to post an update today but, wow, things have changed!
In short, LibGDX has been nothing but a pain to our programmers since day one. So today we took a vote, and decided to drop everything that we had accomplished to start over again in Unity.
However, we still feel that we can still meet the time limit, thanks to Unity being easier to both use and understand for pretty much everyone on the team.
Thank you all for bearing with  us!

Day 3: Somewhat Frazzled

The goal was to have a playable test level by today, but thanks to the somewhat bizarre way that collision works in LibGDX, all that we've managed to accomplish is a simple menu, and a basic physics system. That said, we aren't at all behind schedule. The test should be ready  sometime tomorrow, and it will just get easier from there. Thank you to our programmers for sticking with us!

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Why thank you sir! Updates will start tomorrow and will be every three or so days.

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Young Tippet is shipwrecked on a mysterious island. A cruel, twisted place, where many descend into madness.  
Traverse this harsh land, through forest, cave and valley. Face your fears. Find a way home.
End this nightmare!

Genre: Adventure, Horror, Platformer

Platform: Desktop (Windows, Mac, Linux), Android

Engine: Unity

Language: C#, C++

Well hello there!
We are a team of 9 working to make a rather odd platforming  adventure. The goal is to finish the game within the slated time for the Jam, and then polish/add to it after the competition ends, publishing it when we think it's done! The overall art style is meant to be creepy/cute to add an aspect of endearment. Even to the enemies!

You play as Tippet. A small,  sleepy-eyed child, who is now stuck on an unknown island due to a storm smashing their boat. You will explore all kinds of environments looking for a way to get off this accursed rock. All with your trusty flashlight to keep back the darkness, and a gift from a friend; a scarf. For protection of course.

"Enemies can be cute, but Bosses need to be feared." - A wise somebody


-Game Designers-

Samuel Kilbry (ComboSloth)



Yann Le Coroller (inXS212)

Mt OreO

-Sound Designers-

Christoph Schlamadinger (christoph3225)

Alex Campan (alex_fncypnts)

-Visual Designers-

Christina Mangos (Mango Lord)

Gabriel Victor (semperfoo)

 K. Chan (BrushBandit)