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Amazing looking game, some neat puzzles and a nice learning curve -- but it feels a bit fiddly after a while (like, the tractor being on the back has nice mechanical consequences, but is basically irritating). Also I kept getting myself blocked in places?

I really love the style of this, and the cute messages, and the self-insertion -- but learning what people send what is beyond me. I just fail too quickly, and don't seem to be picking up on the necessary clues...

A sad and lonely tale. A lovely vignette, told imaginatively. Bet you were glad when you saw the rating categories...

Great puzzle, some of the best graphics I've seen in a Puzzlescript game, and mechanics that feel fluid & interesting.:D

Sorry, I bounced off this one. Couldn't figure the controls.

Oh! Delightful! I couldn't tell if I was influencing the outcome at all, but that was so slick and stylish, and completely a breath of fresh air. Walk tall!

Ha, amazing. I don't think I'm going to win, though...

But yeah, great slow reveal, and great trying to manipulate your guys into doing the right thing -- really made me feel like a data dog.

Lovely idea -- I was pleased when I could make them bell peppers with beef (but couldn't afford the beef). I never felt like I could fail, though.

Ah, the premise was so promising, but ... being able to solve the problem so easily just let it down. This game feels like it would be better if it did a lot fewer things.

Five stars for romance.

As always, I love your games. Everyone feels like people, even when they're doing the silliest things. And there was plenty of good laughs in this, too.

I liked this, and the art style was really effective, but did it need to have so many controls? Like, they were surprisingly usable, but I tried playing this just with a trackpad (and no scroll wheel) and could survive & shoot things well enough. I mean, part of that is down to the over-effectiveness of circle-strafing, but...

But still! Exciting shooting people in space times!

Oh! And the Asteroids style movement felt great, controllable and also dangerous, just challenging enough to feel physical, but immediately under control. Man!

Holy! This is amazing. From the perfectly judged opening, to the gorgeous graphics (I seriously think this is the best looking game I've played so far), to the conceit, the mysteries of the behaviour of the caves... Man. Like, I'm trying to come up with constructive (ie negative) feedback, and all I've got is "there are better trail renderers out there"...

(But: I stopped playing to make this comment. I kind of don't want to continue. I love the world, the mood, so much I kind of feel like understanding it will ruin it.)

This is a stupid game, and if I didn't know some of the people involved I probably wouldn't care about it at all. As it is : good job, well done.

This is... I kept being on a border between finding this opaque and hard to get into, ad drawn into the mood, abstract as it could be. Some of the phrases were really nicely evocative, but I had just a bit too much trouble connecting them. Like, the cast of purple light cast against the grasses -- not clear what that was caused by, but I got a good vivid image of it and it felt appropriately romantic and strange.

I really like the visuals, the style is pretty slick. And the ponderousness of the turning, the way the wagon trails behind feels nice.

But I was able to just go in the wrong direction and avoid all obstacles, then was just left travelling through empty orange space. And the music is pretty slow-paced, and generally it feels like dodging asteroids should be exciting and just-in-the-nick of time. Even when I was travelling through, it was pretty easy to avoid things, and I never felt in much peril. But I like asteroid dodging games (I made CUBES, so I guess I would).

Awww, that's really sweet. I love the left turn it made, and how over the top and cheesy it suddenly got. Perfect little-girl logic (thinking of Tracy Beaker's mum, here)

You can also see it in the player version: link

I saved and now I can't load again: top row loads fine, but below is a mess.

One time I got:
IndexSizeError: Index or size is negative or greater than the allowed amount save_load.js:232:0

Another time:
TypeError: tile is undefined

save file is: