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Also is this a template for making a game and is there Rollback netcode, did you code it all???

Your Looking For a Publisher what about a collaboration I think this has potential

Can this be used to make your own game is it a template & the source code available

I was wondering is there a PDF for it or just reference the features mentioned to edit it & thank you

Maybe compression & use a website called Wassabi storage Degoo Storage


I was wondering do you plan to make a Yu-Gi-Oh type engine, card collection I think if you modified this one it might work into it

I'm just checking the update has the entire source code correct because I need to modify it, & you need to make some tutorials either a video with text or PDF so I can understand how to use it better thanks 👍

I bought it I wonder if it's compatible with other plugins besides the ones you created

Is this an RPG MAKER PLUGIN & if so can I modify it

It Works Z I thought it was enter also I was wondering is there anyway I can email you, I was wondering if you ever planned on releasing your games on console I would honored if I can help & I have a proposal I want to discus with you, also is there any way to make the demo bigger screen wise

The Demo wont work I press New Game Nothing

Can the cities made with the generator be applied to a unity terrain, or Gaia

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1) As a developer working on a soon to be announced game I think has more potential for not just the developer but customers. In steam, game jolt you have to go outside of the site where you found the game to purchase merchandise and support the developer in other ways, while on other sites such as steam you have to look for it and might end up not really supporting the developer.

2) Also you have better access to the developer and can truly be heard. I believe that is a hit away from being number 2, it's just that many developers falsely believe that they will build a fanbase here and abandon and they will follow them on steam. is a one stop shop, it just needs a hit be it a game, novel, comic book, merchandise, it just needs a loyal developer. Steam has become so big and oversaturated that they no longer try and are falling without even noticing.

And it's to late to change the course, with all of the money steam makes they should be publishing more steam original games, films you name it instead they are just hosting reskined or lazy made games. will make it soon mark my words to the top.