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How does ending effect next game? Does it give different game depending on how you retire?

I yet to beat the island it is so bloody hard!

I take he rep the Eastern Roman Empire during this time?

Is it possible to play it solo?

I love this little game!!

So it about Trans man discovering they are man? Or how would have hard time relating to their youth?

This not even going into the different system of patronage on all levels.

My main question What will main dynasty career pathsI will tell if sound to far fetch.

I my thoughts what drive me nut about guilds series it very superficial.  You take real world  data social history etc and just make it game mechanic. For example unless your where master son it very in the craft  guild special the more prestigious like goldsmith for example to rise above journeyman. You could make entire game about struggle of just rising through the guild ranks. Depend on the time period and regions the Journeyman would look for master daughter and get into their inner circle masterpiece will approve and half enough capital to pay the fees and to open their own shop. That where the wondering years come in they gain reputation before they settle down work their masterpiece. Some more brave one will join a famous merc outfits to gain war booty to help then reach the right amount of cash but that his huge gamble with your life. The more successful they slowly in generation or so transition into become Merchant will making harder for foreigner to become masters. Because master was huge right passage mean you where social view as full man are made citizen/freemen of city which mean you pay taxes and vote and run for public office depend the city charter. If you family keep rising in the Old Holy Roman Empire they Become a Patrician or Great Burgher thing of it as Urban Nobility. Where in England they start to become a Gentlmen gain the right local office getting their son university education buying land building estate to become landed gentry. France something is similar but they would buy venal office if not for themselves their sons who have right education for it.

I been reading Hands of Honor, Artisans in Europe 1300-1914, grow up in medieval London, and The Merchant of Medieval London how much of real life influences will taken because irony about guild games they simulate the Guild life or system. Does this game does better job of that? CK2 is pretty good at simulated feudal France and that about it.

is it base on real research in how are nomads will evolve into city then empire or just bam empire?

does game go the Neolithic revolution to the end of the Bronze age Empires?

Bronze Age community · Created a new topic laws?

is the law system up yet?