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I don't want to spoil it for anyone  else...but I tried to make the game true to a police state  dystopian govt. So if try to claim a certain "right/protection"....or speak out against them just once you are punished. Regardless of all your combined choices...a govt like that only wants people who will follow, no questions asked and being happy and positive about what their govt gives them or tells them.

ha thank you!

thank you! I appreciate it! Yeah I had the basic idea down and once it was all finished I felt like it needed something a bit more and felt like the anthem was a nice touch to the overall theme I was going for!

I went in thinking this game would take me a day and it ended up taking me about few hours here and there over about 5 days. But I think working on the game a bit longer let me redo various ideas and really make it better overall. I kept running into various code issues...I would fix something and fixing one issue made another new issue pop up but eventually got it all figured out!

Love your game...the audio was a really great feature to it! Your game inspired mine...I was playing "Papers, Please" and came across your game and the idea for mine just kind of clicked. It's just a short survey game as well

Really enjoyed the is short but that's ok. I think it works for this game...interesting design and concept and well executed. 

thank you I appreciate that! I will for sure!

thank you I appreciate it! I'm working on doing something similar with GB studio next!

thank you!

thank you! :) glad you enjoyed it!

Really fun game!

thank you for playing it! I appreciate it! 

thank you! Yeah I did think about this when I was making it...some of the bones are for aesthetic purposes but I'll try to figure out a way to change that so everything gets cleaned up. thanks for point that out.

thank you!

thank you! hope you enjoyed it!


Haven't played this game in awhile...I love the footprints in the dust detail

pretty fun little game! I loved Stray!

really great bitsy game! I loved it!

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thanks! I had to recreate a bunch of different copies of the " main" dungeon layout to make it work. Basically identically copies depending on choices or to move forward thru the story. It was kind of tedious but made it work. So hidden in the "fight" choice for example is a door that led to another copy of the main dungeon room but in that copy the enemy character was dead so the hero could proceed. If that makes sense. I blocked the hero from backtracking by having a dead body there. Kind of made things easier so no back tracking.

Loved the game! makes me want to try Bitsy 3d! now!

I tried this method and the same error came up. It says "Error 1 Invalid game data."

Every time I try to drag a file it gives me an error?

thank you!! glad you like it! It's interesting with engines like  Bitsy...the strict limitations on them kind of cause you to be more creative with how the games works or even how it looks.

thank you! ha it took forever to make this game even though its very short! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Really great game and I think a lot of us can relate with the message.

ha that would be awesome!!!

Thank You! That was the feeling I was going for so awesome to hear that!

Thanks I appreciate it!

Thank You! I appreciate it! Welcome to Itch!

Really good job! Makes me really want to visit a new local comic shop!

thank you! It took a few different tries and I had to figure it out on paper a bit so it would work and make sense. Did a few prototypes but really happy with how it turned out!

thank you!

This is really awesome and love the colors! I was just playing the original snake game the other day.

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!