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Rory's just making all sorts of great impressions, isn't she? XD

Love this comic, can't wait to see more!

I am absolutely loving this, and snagging Chapter 2 right away. Love your art, the story, and your characters!

Patreon page is showing the next Beta update is 78% done as of October 1st

Thank you so much for your feedback - I'm glad you liked the story :)

I actually planned on working on the game more (now that I have time), and will definitely be patching those bugs best I can. Thanks for listing them off (odd as that sounds, it's actually a huge help to me XD)!

File was accidentally deleted! Alternative link found here:

I appreciate the feedback! This indeed was my first game, so a lot to learn, and unfortunately I did not realize how many resources could be potentially at use (ie: downloading from forums and the like) until... a week before the deadline? Needless to say, was banging my head XD

I had no idea how to work the B+ field to be perfectly honest, so thank you for explaining that to me. A lot of what I did in the game was trial and error, or desperate Google searches. Any advice/tips are welcome :)

Anxiety was meant to be a mix of "somewhat serious battle" in the sense that it affects the ending, and "fun bit of triumph". I'm sorry it gave you so much trouble - the battles will definitely be tweaked again. If you have any advice on those, I'm all ears, haha. They're hard!

I am admittedly cringing at the bugs (mostly because I thought I had taken care of some of those issues - back to the cleaning process I go!) but genuinely appreciate both your detailed/constructive feedback, and your advice. 

I'll look into the forum in the future - hopefully I can bring something more improved to the table! Thank you so much! ^_^

Organ music drove me mad, couldn't stand to keep going. Also layout seemed more odd than maze-like. Interesting story idea, however, from what I discovered.

Couldn't figure out where the glowing X was after getting bear... very frustrating. Interesting/amusing game up until that point.

Still 3, sadly