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rpg, adventure, rpg maker, school,
Submitted by ColeBlackblood with 1 day, 7 hours before the deadline

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Aww I got Erik's best end.. that was cute! :) I really like the game (I'm such a sucker for high school romance stories haha) but there's a lot of bugs in this.. O.O
I did a little list as I played so you can look it over and fix them when you can:
- When you pick up your homework/book report it doesn't vanish!
- In the classroom you get some part of the text cut-off when you interact with the books in the desk down left
- In the school corridors you can walk in the black edge down there and you can also run through the walls, I keep seeing npcs going there XD
- The event with guy in the science lab isn't working right. Accepting to pay him won't do anything, it won't take the money and also no vial with weird fluid in the inventory, the conversation will just repeat infinitely
- BIG PROBLEM! If you go right where there's the nurse room and theatre room, you can't go back.. you get like stuck somehow without being able to move, I couldn't even see myself only option was to restart the game
- Nurse office and theatre room, stuck by the door, when I entered the rooms, I got stuck in the door and could only move around the edge of the screen, left and right.. so the event in the theatre room doesn't really work, the girl will talk with you and you can accept or whatever but you are stuck without being able to interact with the other guy in the room to continue the event
- In the storage room when we interact with the box that it's ripped open, it says we get some energy drinks but instead we get an ipad in the inventory (then i pick up the ipah that was in the table.. and now i got 2 ipads lol)
- When we enter the lockers we can see the shadow of erik's sprite beneath skylar's, you should make it so just her's is visible
- The last scene (so sweet!!) but the lovers (hehehe) are really far from each other, skylar is like down there at the edge of the screen and erik is all the way up there in the field, they also don't really move during the dialogue (it was really cute though! hehe)
Overall: The game is short but sweet. For your first game, I thought it was pretty good. I liked the maps a lot (except for the doors that lead to the field xD and the wall out there) and it showed that you had a plan (and a cute story!) and, well, you tried to make it work. It's all there. Now you really need to fix those problems and polish it a little more so that people can enjoy it more.
I will definitely replay the game when you do, I'm curious to know what other endings there is ^^ 
Good luck and keep it up!!


Thank you so much for your feedback - I'm glad you liked the story :)

I actually planned on working on the game more (now that I have time), and will definitely be patching those bugs best I can. Thanks for listing them off (odd as that sounds, it's actually a huge help to me XD)!


Congrats on finishing your game! It was short but a sweet idea, and I like the chance to get multiple endings!

This game is 100% rtp which is a bit of a shame. Your maps suffer from the lack of extra resources, and whilst the default music is nice, to other rpg maker devs who've heard it a lot it will be off putting, so it's really worth taking a bit of extra time to outsource some stuff. Even if they don't outright say it, people will appreciate the extra effort you've put in!

It seems like this game was a learning curve for you, so at the risk of sounding patronising, I'd like to give you some advice on what to improve!

When you pick up items, e.g. the homework and E-Pad, it always looks nice to see them vanish afterwards. You can set an event image from the tileset layers B+ (depending on what tileset the map is using), and have the second page of the event without an image to make it look like they've been picked up.

You need to be consistent with map transfers. Sometimes your doors are triggered by action button, some player touch. sometimes they have an opening animation, others they just disappear. Worst of all, sometimes your maps have no indication of where the exit is. That's really never a good idea, you don't want people to be scrambling to find the door.

So, onto maps. They're pretty bad, which is fine, since that'll come with experience! (Trust me, I'm still terrible at mapping.) Your corridor looks really un-school like, and most of them are just much bigger than they need to be. To remedy both, I'd like to point you towards this forum! Here, you'll be able to find loads of cool resources to expand your tilesets and make mapping easier, and then if you'd like, you can post in the "Game and Map Screenshots" thread to get some direct feedback on what to improve! 

One little tip I have for you is shift click mapping! (Tut is for VX Ace but it's the same method.) This will help you with stuff like the carpet in the house! Personally, I'm not a fan of your back wall only mapping. Since you later use that in the corridor to suggest that you can walk further left and right, it'd be more clear if single rooms were fully surrounded. Looking through other people's screenshots should help to give you more ideas about mapping styles and clear ways to mark exits ^^

You could do with making the aim more obvious. I think I got a message when I randomly walked back into the classroom, which I guess you actually wanted to have play the first time we leave? Player touch events don't work if the player is already on the tile, so when you transfer them ontop of one, the event doesn't run. In this case, you'd be better with an autorun event. (Just make sure to have it turn on a new page with a self switch or normal switch when it's finished else the player will get stuck!)

What is the purpose of the battle at the end? Is it supposed to be a proper fight, or more of a clever extra scene? If it's the first, anxiety needs to be able to do HP damage, and you should probably improve the skill descriptions. The icon alone isn't enough to tell me what the effects are, a little extra onto the description (e.g. "+20HP!") or whatever will go a long way. If it's the latter, I'd suggest giving anxiety less HP. Turn based battles are a strong turn off to some people (including myself), so I wouldn't want to keep repeating that battle just to find a new ending. Plus, one time both Skylar and Erik got stage fright and never recovered so it took a very long time. But, I thought it was really clever the way you used it! I have this battle with anxiety everyday ahahaha.

And now, onto the bugs...!

You've got a few typos, and some missing punctuation. I enjoyed being able to read about extra objects, but I think you might have set the wrong trigger to the large bookshelf in the classroom since there was no dialogue there.

Going into the toilet plays the drips bgs, but it's never told to stop playing, so it continues on throughout the school.

If you talk to the gaming girl you get stuck on an autorun and have to quit.

If I agree to help Erik and talk to him again, the whole dialogue replays. After Erik has joined the party, I have 2 E-pads in my inventory, and if I enter the field again, he appears again and as my follower. 

At the end of the game, the player is transferred way too far away from Jenna, so it looks kind of ridiculous. I also thought there might be an ending where you could choose not to confess. As for the endings, I only found two of them, one where I don't give in my homework, and the good ending. I did buy the mysterious liquid from the guy in the science lab, but I don't know if it changed anything? It wasn't in my inventory at least. 

I didn't really want to replay and find the rest of the endings because of the issues listed above, mostly the difficulty leaving rooms and boring battle. Don't beat yourself up over that though, you did well to make a game that's playable from start to finish in such a short deadline whilst trying to figure out the engine! My first game... was not...... So, my advice to you, (assuming you enjoyed developing this and want to continue), would be to first tidy up this game as best you can. At the very least, improve the exits and squash the game ending bugs, at best give it your all with some help from external resources, update the description and add some screenshots here, make a walkthrough of all the endings, then join the forums and share the game! I shamelessly advertise it because I love it over there, everyone is so kind and it motivated me to improve myself! If you do decide to join, come find me again (same username) and I'll re-test this for you! 

Hope this helps, and happy developing! <3


I appreciate the feedback! This indeed was my first game, so a lot to learn, and unfortunately I did not realize how many resources could be potentially at use (ie: downloading from forums and the like) until... a week before the deadline? Needless to say, was banging my head XD

I had no idea how to work the B+ field to be perfectly honest, so thank you for explaining that to me. A lot of what I did in the game was trial and error, or desperate Google searches. Any advice/tips are welcome :)

Anxiety was meant to be a mix of "somewhat serious battle" in the sense that it affects the ending, and "fun bit of triumph". I'm sorry it gave you so much trouble - the battles will definitely be tweaked again. If you have any advice on those, I'm all ears, haha. They're hard!

I am admittedly cringing at the bugs (mostly because I thought I had taken care of some of those issues - back to the cleaning process I go!) but genuinely appreciate both your detailed/constructive feedback, and your advice. 

I'll look into the forum in the future - hopefully I can bring something more improved to the table! Thank you so much! ^_^