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lol thanks :D yeah, definitely bleak :(

thank you!

Feel free to use this in any project commercial or private, but do not modify just to resell 



Nice catch!

Hopefully the next patch will fix most of these problems. Sorry for issues :/ They're all related to the same bug and are only present on SOME devices.

Hopefully the next patch will fix most of these problems. Sorry for issues :/ They're all related to the same bug and are only present on SOME devices.

Its an incredibly odd error that pops up sometimes, but the next patch coming in a week or so should fix!



Omg thank you! 

So this seems to be a bug in international settings from what I can tell - for example the cooldown of the revolver is 0.53f, but your computer is making it 53.0! At least now I know what the bug is, and it is fixable. On the off hand that its an easy fix, would you mind trying this build and seeing if it works for you? No need for recording.

Ok so I have created the ultimate debug build and it's going to be annoying as heck - but if you could record this when firing your gun, when using a melee weapon, and then when the enemies are attacking I can use/pause footage to see the message.

Heres a test build, see how reloading and attacking works here. If there is an error it'll pop up a message.

I'm wondering if there is some kind of frame rate -> animation issue. I SOMETIMES get this error from other people but it only pops up rarely. Pops up enough I want to fix it though! Would you be willing to try a quick debug build I put together to see if it can identify the error?

Can you tell me a bit more about your system including your monitor refresh rate 

Yep! Hoping to have it out in the next month or so!

neat! I would love to see it 

shouldn’t be too difficult! No more than an afternoons work really 

hey thanks for playing!

ah good catch thanks! And thank you for the great review!

Oh no, how did I do that? Fixed!

aw thank you so much!

There’s about 1 town every map - in the next patch I’ll be making them visible on the map even if you you’re not near it with some updates to prospecting as well

I have a list of tile sets I want to create, then I want to make some sprite packs in various sizes and colors! 

Totally fine! Have fun, link me the final product when its done!

Thank you!


ha ha Its hilarious that you mention it, because that was  a huge inspiration for me as well! Not trying to stay too close to the original though ha ha

I think a 3x3 tileset is possible...

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is this using a controller or keyboard? any system specs?

Hopefully the new patch fixes your problem!

when the open the zip there's a file marked "controls" 

there will be a proper option to restart your game next patch. For now delete the maps in the map folder, don't delete the map folder though 

is this with keyboard or controller

awesome! Thanks for sticking with me. I have a lot of sprites I'd like to post in the coming months!