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Mine yey. About time someone made a better version of it lol

Yeah there are a few people saying their games are saved. But if like me prefer it proper old school and just remake the parks each time lol

Love to see this get a physical release. Used to love theme park and theme hospital etc

I have the game today. Really great fun. Passed level 1. Cant wait to have time to sit down and play fully 

Have started text adventure with This story is made by my 10 year old daughter with some extra from me. I have a little bit more of the story to put in and the graphics then I will be done.

I have downloaded this on the word of another. Tried to load but seem to not know how with the emulators. Is there a guide in english somewhere as could only see the german one

That's great. Really looking forward to getting it

How many levels does this game have? I am just awaiting bitmap soft to send a copy to me 

I have the same issue and just deleted thread. When asking question about pico8. I think the best thing is to read through all the forum on the pico8 site. That is what I am going to do now do get the understanding of it all as I have come so far on my game but stuck else where. Maybe we can be newbies together and work out what we need to do lol

I got the physical copy. Was great game and I am looking forward to seeing more of what you are bringing out with no cancelled games lol

Love this game