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Yeah with the lack of food the player has more or less no agency

Thanks so much for playing and providing feedback, very much appreciated!

Lovely short game, I really enjoyed it, and the art was excellent!

I certainly will!

Nice one, I just subscribed. I'm a huge amanita fan, so it's great to see more hand-drawn games coming out of Czech Republic. 

Who made the art for this and do they have an Instagram

Wow, that's really intriguing. Would love to see if you ever make a tutorial on this effect! Thanks for your response, hope you're having a lovely weekend!

Fantastic aesthetic! Is the pixelart shader being applied to the Sprites that are already pixelart as well, or does it dodge them and just apply to the environment?

For the graphical side of things, this might help:

Great stuff! I look forward to whatever you guys put out in the future. Though there have been a lot of phenomenal Point and Click games released in the past 20 years, Loco Motive is the closest to the classic LucasArts experience I've found.

Is this talk available online? Is love to learn about the making of this game.

Fantastic game as others have said with really engrossing writing. One thing that bothered me though is that the dialogue is all written in the same colour as opposed to a separate colour for each character. Also, the names of the character are always on the extreme left of the screen as opposed to whichever side the speaking character is on. These felt like missed opportunities to speed up the flow of the experience but nevertheless, a really cool piece of work.