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thank you

Hi myke,

I had a blog article about that but could not keep up with it so my website is not accessible anymore.

I will consider open sourcing it if I get to it, ofc you gotta keep in mind projects that didnt start open source might be not as clean as it should be.

My solution is not the best nor the best performing one but it makes use of godots inbuilt components. 

I want to push a lot more content to my YT channel soon and if you are interested you can follow me there for gamedev educational stuff.

Have only 4 ratings, its a quick play in the browser not longer than 5 minutes

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Neat idea, nothing new on the table but I like the little details that you play as the reaper and the music fits excellent imo. I imagine if the mechanics were more crisp and fledged out and faster, that you could really make a cool speedrunning game like MattressD said. Chaining dashes and walljumps and dimension shifts make for some cool strategies. I also like that you already could solve some levels other than how it was "intended", since im a big fan of speedrunning and games like celeste/meatboy.

Keep up the good work :)

Yeah thought about that too but you confirm my thoughts now, I will remember it for my next platformer if i will make one. Thanks for the rating :)

Godot make it possible, Im very accustomed to the fast paced iterations and workflow. Gonna check your game out now

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Hello ppl, here is my very small game would still be glad if you tried it out and rate it.

Happy to try out yours aswell, and happy to get to know some fellow developers/artists out there :)



Yeah Godot4 uses a feature called SharedArrayBuffer to enable multi-threading. Unfortunately does not work on every browser, but chrome works for sure.

Neat idea, not really 'replayable' but I like the aesthetics. Feels more like an interactive radio where you can fiddle around little bit.

Must have been fun to program that!

looks great, love the detail that the eyes indicate if you have boost available