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how get good ending?

looks cool when i have time ill dload it

I found that leaving the screen freezes gameplay

use alt_tab

including battle stats? so i shouldnt have wasted time researching swordsmen?

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Do you still work on this? i might get it

Also to help: I found a bug where spearmen are called "swords men" in the toolbar on the bottom.

I work in javascript but I assume c#(unity should be similar enough.) Do you store all the sprites and objects in an array? then you could just save an array as a file

ok its cool ill wait. when do you plan to add it? this game has potential to beat AOE... and its free!

how do i save my game?


It really going to be an easily editable basic platformer game


itch.io Community » itch.io · Created a new topic Type of program?

Would an open source platformer engine be a tool or a game?

You probably know more than I do! i haven't even published a game yet... *yawn sorry i cant help I gtg sleep. If i see anything i will report back to this thread.

itch.io Community » General · Created a new topic Well he was bored

That was a lot of spam

any rules today? because I think some types of non-intrusive ads should be allowed

about as big as it gets