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What a great game! nicely done

What a cool game! I'll never make a pianist but was fun.  Love the graphics and sounds, even sounded just like it when I wasn't fumbling the keys :D

I think they are not not cool!

Finally managed to stop playing... nearly an hour of time went poof! great game, lack of audio was its only downfall but made it perfect to play in the office ;)

Thanks so much for your kind comment, so glad you had fun :D

Agreed, there is a hidden turbo mode but overall it did need to get harder, thanks for the feedback!

I really should have made it speed up and reduce or randomise the time between spawns.... why did i not think of this!! Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for the feedback!  I did originally have a scoreboard showing your score broken down in to art, code, music and quality but the UI was giving me hell, it would never stay put on top of the grahics i had made so ended up just hiding it as it was holding me up so much.  

I was doing so well when suddenly angry pacmen of doom came for me!

What a fun concept, worth expanding on sometime.  I really liked the way you could change the way physics worked on the fly.  Nice character animation, jumping would sometimes get stuck in the grass stuff.

Awesome job!

Good work I really liked the idea and how the bugs ate the code!

This is more of a personal criticism but as someone who suffers motions sickness, that screen shake was so intense I couldn't finish a single game, maybe reduce the shake amount and duration.  For future projects an option to turn if off even.

Not sure what to do here as there were no instructions, it does say prototype so I assume there is no input?

I was happily floating around then realized I could shoot! (yes i didnt read the instructions lol) then  i was single pewing, then i realized i could hold the mouse button down! let it rain pew pew pew!

It was really fun, tight area filled pretty fast keeping me on my toes, the particle effects were nice.  I liked the nice touch of everything exploding on game over.

Well done :D

It was pretty fun! I've always been a fan of these type of shooters.  Only gripe was that when I died the game didn't end, no spawn or restart.  Nice  art, good work!

Considering you made this with just  JS well done and keep at it! Im glad the "AI" wanted to help me with the password lol and those questions stumped me.

I like the idea of it, if found the UI  button hidden a little bit at the start, I had similar issues with UI placement of stuff going off on its own, I still didnt figure it out myself.  I blew up the universe, not sure if I was supposed to or not haha but once it is gone, does it even matter? Nice work

Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it. I never though about making S for sound! although i did intentionally make the icons fast (also a hidden chance for turbo mode) to make the game difficult to keep going forever.

Love the puzzle aspect, was really fun!