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It looks good! Better then I expected and Me myself is not a fan of infant clickers but I do like it. It good :P

I hope so

I didn't mean winner. But I was trying to find out how they are going to find what game they are going to play. Like average the amount of  stars or add up all the stars

I get the rating part but how well u finger out the winier? By average? Or by the rates its self?

Thxs I played yours it took me a bit to relizes that that all the nouse makes the ghost move.

But it was cool and fun

Yah I forgot to set up some variables and some hp stuff. I did change it. 

But i bet we wont. (I think XP)

I on accident put the wrong game file for download and need to change it. Is that all right?


And i did the form

Haha no promble

Im sorry I tried to help. I hope u do good in your next jam

Have u tried pressing the create game? That might help?

It say Page not found?

No u much have a video ready. When I went to put mine up. It told me video required. So yes u do need a video ready

I like to get the basic code down first but hey art needs to be right :P

I wont stream for I cant and wont for this is my first time. This is also my first stream