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Hi Tokyoh! How has development on DoodleVerse been going? Very promising start here!

Title Menu
Title Menu

Controls Menu
Controls Menu

Options Menu

Options Menu

Full HD screenshots of various aspects of DoodleVerse

Sure thing - I can get to that shortly. 
I also just reached out to you at

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I've given DoodleVerse a try, and have a few suggestions for improvement upon first playthrough.

  1. The menu system is missing a "Home" button on the Multiplayer screen, so restarting the game is required to return to the main menu.

  2. Upon first loading into the single player game (I didn't get a chance to test multiplayer), the powerups and enemy fall straight down and some console errors are shown. This is intended to be the powerups/enemies scattering throughout the procedurally generated environment, I believe? The player character can still move around after this happens.

  3. The player character controller currently allows the player to float in the air if they hold left/right while jumping into the walls. You likely need a check in the player controller script that would prevent this.

You are doing this solo? There is a lot of work done here already, and I like the direction! I'm happy to help out with development and/or lend any feedback. I'm a full time software engineer that does game dev passion projects on the side.
- Here's my Game Design & Development Professional Portfolio:

The game is now uploaded successfully! I've downloaded on Windows and can launch the game without any issues.

Hi tokyohthegoat,
I've just downloaded your game, but am having trouble running it. Upon launching the .exe, the following error is shown (my resolution is set to 1920x1080). 
Are you missing something in your upload, perhaps?

This is fantastic! Also really loved seeing the game included in the Bundle for Ukraine supporting a great cause.

PerroAutonomo, are you currently looking for some programming assistance? I have Unity C# experience and could lend a hand free of charge - absolutely love the project so far!