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Ugh yeah, that's embarrassing, it's totally fix in the current v0.4.1 😅

Sorry, feel like I wasted your time a bit with that one. best case though, I suppose!

alright onwards to guttertrash

nah I know for a fact it was completely equipped - I made sure to double check after the second battle too, just to make sure I hadn't flubbed it after the first one.

However!! readme reveals that this is version... 0.3.2!

Which means I actually downloaded this a long time ago before getting around to playing it apparently! I have a todo list you see 😅

Maybe that explains it? I'll give it another round later with the latest version, and I'll screen record it for ya, just in case. Hopefully the version is the issue. stay tuned!

let's see - first battle, clips equipped. get hypnod, enemy cums in my mouth and leaves the battle, so - I think that counts as a win? Then I unequip, find the next battle, clips are shown in sprite, and I get hypnoed again. that was the sequence for me.

Is it possible I'm on a slightly older version or something?? How can I check which one I'm playing on?

alright, had a few minutes to go back to this, and - first sex battle happens after finding the ear clips, as expected - I unequip the clips - next battle, I'm wearing the clips again in my battle sprite - and one of the enemies 'says something strange' and boom, sex time again. I win the battle, and check my character - and head slot is definitely <empty>

so yeah, easily reproduced on my end, which is odd. :\

ah thanks for taking the time to read and reply! I'm glad you appreciate the feedback. And honestly it's good to hear that most of the answers were "I thought about this but just didn't have time to address it" - I know the struggle of being a solo dev 😅 at some point, you gotta ship it! Lookin forward to checking out gutter trash sometime this weekend.

Ayyyy finally got around to playing this game - I have a bunch of notes, which might be a little late considering I see the sequel is out - but for what it's worth:

  1. you can unequip the clips, and the enemies saying "something strange" will still switch the battle mode - during which your character model shows the clips equipped as well. This happened after I first got clipped, fought the next battle in the area to the left, unequipped the clips afterwards, then fought another battle in the same area. I checked to make sure, and the clips remained unequipped. I guess I could see if that was a sly reference to the character not being aware of them... but in that case, there should be some sort of little wink to the player that that's the case, imo, otherwise it mostly reads as a bug.
  2. it would be nice to see some variety in enemy parties - 3 warthogs over and over again gets monotonous. Every once in a while I've seen 2, but it really mostly seems like 3.

  3. re: resource management - it seems like the only way forward is to use your attack-all skill when facing three boars until you run out of energy - then whittle the remainder down to one boar - then focus until you've restored your MP - then kill the final, and trade your MP for HP out of battle - then start the whole process again with the next group of 3. There really needs to be some variety here, because there doesn't appear to be any other way to avoid burning all your items right away

  4. the sex mechanics are hot. really enjoy how it's implemented. the escalation from regular boars to masher boars is good.

  5. the masher boards calls in adds even if you've already killed them that turn - that seems like a glitch. I've had this happen before where BOTH use that ability at the same time, resulting in 4 tough guys attacking you out of nowhere - maybe the call for backup should bring two regular grunts, rather than two elites?

  6. the adds also attack immediately, which seems unfair - new arrivals to the battle should have to wait til next turn to fight.

  7. why don't the masher boars have a distinct overworld map sprite? it would be helpful to gauge the risk before actually getting pulled into a fight.

  8. the item that kills you is just... I don't get why you have multiple of them, and why you even allow the possibility of using them by accident. it also glitches out and switches your character model to a naked version, if you use it in battle, which doesn't make any sense - if enemies beat you, then sure, they strip you, but why do you get naked when you kill yourself?

  9. good characters. the writing and the art all line up real nicely to make everyone enjoyable to watch and interact with.

  10. the 'stealth' mechanic is a lil janky - it's not real clear how far away the boar guards can see you to catch you, and the vision cone is misleading in that regard, because they can actually see FAR outside what's shown in the model - as a matter of fact, they can see you through concrete walls.

  11. It would also be nice to have a 'accidentally caught' mechanic, versus a 'I'm fighting them on purpose' state - the former might reduce your dodge for the first turn ("Mezz was caught off-guard!") the latter might guarentee your accuracy (or even a crit) on your first turn. Maybe based on if you're facing them / moving towards them when you first run into eachother, versus if you're turned away / moving away from them?

  12. during normal combat, also to switch up the difficulty of the standard 3-pig-party, consider having an occasional "BOAR told a dirty joke" that slightly raises your Lust but otherwise has no effect apart from giving the player a break from the repetative attacks. Similarly, "BOAR took a while swing!" lower accuracy, chance to drain your focus, something like that - just something to add some variety to the early combat.

  13. at least initially, lust and cumming don't seem to do anything in terms of game mechanics - you cum as a matter of course, but it doesn't seem to do anything, other than display a message.

  14. when you break out of a sex scene, for instance the oral one - you're immediately naked and covered in cum, even if nothing much had happened. nudity, cum, and even arousal should be linked to events that have occurred.

  15. really appreciated the scene with the urinal and the guards - and the scene with Diezel. Makes me wonder if I missed any other 'special' loss scenes.

  16. I appreciate that that the final boss battle is very doable with either guard/hamburger or focus/secret dodge move.

  17. it's a shame that you finish the game without ever getting the opportunity to equip any alternate items - unless I just missed them? an upgraded staff in particular with less chance to miss, or armor with less defense but greater dodge chance, etc.

  18. It's also a shame that there don't appear to be enough enemies to fight to make it to level 14 - I finished the game with 43 XP To Next Level, and as far as I can tell, I completely cleared out all the enemies

Anyway, downloaded and played it for free, beat it several times to find all the endings I could, and then turned around and bought it officially for $10 - really enjoyed this game! Looking forward to repeating the process with GutterTrash.

ay, this is fun! seems like it needs a bit more balance tweaking, the difficult is pretty low if you get lots of "one additional attack" artifacts.

holy shit, just sat down to give this a a try... and the 'pirate-dance' track is kind of a hit! where'd that come from??

nah it's cool, losing a team member is a big hurdle, and it sounds like you're just now getting to the point where you're past it - I'm just glad to hear that progress is still being made! can't wait to play the next build, whenever it appears.

thank you, those are some good tips! (exploring from hilltops I already figured out, as well as the "standing on a resource vs standing next to a resouce" collection precedence)

(And I get that these are issues that are kind of endemic to the genre, don't hold that against you.)

I feel like I'm still fumbling the early game - getting access to resources to build your first town, and then using that town to secure further building resources to build the next town, and collector(s) - it just feels like a crapshoot whether you get to the essential resources first or the computer does. You know? Like if you're not doing good in the first 20 moves then you should almost start over because you have no chance of winning 😟 I'm not sure what to suggest to balance that out though - maybe decrease the price of building relative to how far behind you are in the leaderboard or something?

It's not that I mind getting off to a bad start, but it seems like your luck really snowballs in this game, so that there's just no way to catch up, one essential resources are locked down by other players.

Any strategy to share?

as cute as ever! solid new name. you ever wonder whether this will end up being your Cave Story? 😉

"Anyway, screw you, I'm gonna go denounce the gods and the laws and then have a commemorative orgy."

and the little messages in censored mode. So good! 😂

(1 edit)

when you skip the remaining cards and move on to the next room, are they lost? or are they reshuffled into the deck?

like in other words, if you don't need a lust or chastity buff at the moment, can you leave those cards behind, to be drawn later? or if you can't face a club or spade right now, can you move on, knowing that they'll come back eventually?

edit - yes, skipped / fled cards are indeed reshuffled, and that's a big component of the strategy. Love it!

Have you ever played a mobile game called Deck 'Em? Very similar concept.

dude the movement is SO SMOOTH. Building up to a full moveset in metroidvania fashion would be an easy way to implement some progression, as would attack strength / quiver size / arrow effects (light/fire arrows?) and max health pickups. even just a few palette-swapped enemies with altered speed, power, health, and/or movement patterns would add a lot of diversity as well as setting of 'harder' sections of the castle. I don't know what all you've got planned for this, but what you've got so far is looking pretty effin' hot!

aw the email notification from itchio says "anna anthropy has released a new game" - so disappointing clicking through and seeing that it is not in fact available yet!

curious to give it a try though, I've got a tarot deck leftover from the last 'what if rpg but tarot cards' game I played, it'd be nice to bust it out again.

ayyyy, it's nice to hear from you. I'm excited for 2022 too, no need to apologize for delays, I'm just interested to see where this project goes, and whatever progress you make is always a nice little surprise!

well glad to hear that itchio is on top of its shit

hey getting a new person ramped up on a project in progress takes time and energy - totally understandable.

nice, glad to hear it! I'll have to check this out tonight.

> When I get the idea for a new project, I normally drop everything and try getting it started as quickly as possible, which of course leads to whatever ideas I do have for that project being half baked and resulting in a (subjectively) shitty product. Thirstchasm, OG Tailbound, Moontide, and honestly even the current TB remake all suffer from this. (Not to mention probably literally every comic I've ever done.)

Dude, we know 😅

I suffer from the same condition, although I very rarely get any of my little projects starts as far as you do - I know how it goes though. What impresses me is that you'll actually come back to things, I always have trouble revisiting unfinished work, because by the time I come back to it, I already feel like I've 'moved on' or whatever, and it's just hard to get re-invested again.

But hey, we're following you here because we like the work that you do do, and it's real nice of you to be willing to share where you're at with it, so thanks for checking in.

Aw don’t feel bad, no one is on 100% of the time, more important stuff always crops up here and there.

Can’t wait to play the new round of content later!

I know you want to move on already, but you are definitely cursed by the fact that you’re making gay furry noncon ero action games that are often incomplete, but always promising - it’s a niche, and there aren’t a lot of other artists and engineers making solid contributions to the genre, imo.

I know it’s more a labor than a labor of love for you at this point, mostly due to circumstances, but for the record - the finished game could be really *really* good, and no matter how it ends up, I’m excited to see you working on it again. Hopefully it gets you where you want to be IRL too, it’s so stressful to have your living situation in question.

couple levels in the demo seem solid! I like the different weapon types - they all feel 'just right'.

if there was a way to lock your aim, like in Super Metroid, that'd be pretty great - and if there was some way you could avoid the Contra trap - where you have cool weapons, until you die to the boss and then you just have to finish the boss fight with your boring old gun - that'd be rad.

I'd pay a couple bucks for what you've got in the demo alone though - can't wait to see this released and play through in co op!

Screenshots look good! And do what you need to do to take care of yourself.

tentacles and minotaurs, oh my!

super duper into the satyrs - and the forest bg changeup.

ooh I really like what I’m seeing here.

is there gonna be a hi res / wallpaper art pack made easily available once things are all wrapped up? I do really like your bg work. (Also incubus sex scene is lookin preeeety sexy)

sprite updates are lookin soooooo good!

niiiiiice this is looking good! I like how the knight costume designs have come together - and those are some good lookin greenskins! 😍

I'm here for it.

don't forget to post that patreon link!

excited as ever for squire updates!

dude, I went into this going, okay, what's the gimmick here, what's the message... and I'm still pleasantly surprised at how well this works. It's the game of life cynicism reduced to a slot machine. I like it.

it would kinda mess with the roguelite nature, wouldn't it?

there *is* always the option of breaking out into 'easy' mode and 'permadeath' mode, and offering exclusive content for the latter...