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Looks Awesome! Can't wait to buy it!

Thank you, that gun has some major kick huh?

Thank you! I love watching your videos.

Super cool, I made it to level 15! Fun good work!

Thanks Jupi, cool video! It was fun making the game. If you bump into that computer in the first room by the spawn you will see a map of the facility.

I really like your game. It was challenging sometimes when the randomly generated starts didn't play nice lol. The Parallax stars where a nice touch as well as the awesome shaders. The shaders made me want to go as fast as I could so I could see the screen fuzz out. Great Job!

Hi ShaunJS,

I fixed the bug, it was all around the score change I made last minute... It now compiles for windows and HTML5 without issue.

Hi Lemth,

Glad you enjoyed my game on your commute home. Always fun to hear about someone besides friends and family played my game. When I get home I'll be sure to check your submission out too!

Hi Shaun,

Thanks for checking out my game! I ran it both on windows and HTML5 without error, did you download the code from itch or did you clone the git repo? I'll have to check but I thought I had the most up to date code zipped and uploaded.

Anyway, trying to create my own streak shader without looking at others was a difficult task for a shader rookie like me. I can see where shaders can be really useful and I plan on continuing my learning.

Built with GameMaker Studio 2 and exported to HTML5 so you can play it in the browser!!!

I made this Wild Wild Wild Wild West for the CGA Jam.  I had to use the CGA four colors and I decided to try my hand at the Pico-8 system.  It was a fun challenging build but I am proud of the outcome. Please enjoy and leave feedback, good or bad.

Thank you.


I worked for awhile just to get a good looking sky in Pico-8... Four colors is a fun and challenging restraint !

(saving the green for cacti) Western theme! 

Show me your screen shots!

So one last Pico-8 noob color question. In Pico-8  color 0 (black) is default transparent... Can we use the palt to set some other color to transperent in order to use black. Example if I wanted to use 1 dark (0,2,13,6) can I use (0,2,13,6) as the colors I display and color 8 (red) as the transparency since it would never be displayed?  "palt(0,false) palt(8, true) "

See images below.


I would love to know the index's of the pico8 colors.

What color is the palette 1 light "white" color is that "peach" #15 or "grey" #6 ?