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I've only gone through a few, but this one is my favorite so far.  Found it clean, easy to figure out, on-topic, and nice to look at.

I did "only one" button where clicking the mouse does multiple different mechanics.  Then, just to be safe, I used "only one" color on top of a black background for the graphics.

Addictive and straightforward, and with a really solid art style to boot!  Super clean game!

Use the number keys.  I think they just need to fix the "How to Play" button.  They have it correct on their game page.

Polish and style?? In a Game Jam game??  This is a beautiful and simple game that takes advantage of the theme without feeling too restrictive.  I'd love to see another day or two put into this.

They were the only images I had on hand that were only one color, and I just figured they'd be identifiable enough to act as the player/enemies.  Didn't have too much time to go for character design or anything.

And I'm working on rating some games, too, to help pass on the favor.

Super challenging and a great implementation of the theme!

Wonderfully frustrating.  Atmospheric and to-the-point, and an overall little gem of a game.

Thanks, man!  You've got the awesome positivity we all need!

First game jam finished!  Started the game at midnight last night, so it's really really rough.  But it's uploaded and honestly garbage but it's done so I'm proud anyway.