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Cocoa Damian

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Honestly?, Good ModPack like, Has le gud animations, Your art style fits SRB2 In a quite impressive way, the memey sound effects, and the animations/cutscenes are just, perfection! Oh! and Soups is so fun to play as

Hoping to see more SRB2 ModPacks from you in a future!

This game, is such a greta parody Beat-em-Up! Styled Game i've seen today!
I really love the graphics and animations!! 

I also have A TON of ideas i could like to share!, but maybe they are too many to say here so i'll say one instead

Begin "Custom Character!", Just like Custom Music, you basically replace the in-game Character of Colin with a different character!, most likely should be very specific cases like, for waves mode! So it doesn't interrupt the cutscenes and main story mode flow!

Anyways, again, this game is, SO MUCH fun to play!, and i have A LOT of fun experimenting with the Custom music support!! Hope to see More of it soon!!

This may be the best VeadoTuber App ever, simple, quick, and super perfect!!!!!
as well as cute!!!!, 10/10!!!

Well, that's something i guess, Thanks for the help anyways!!!

That is a good idea, i wish the creator was able to show the images of the character so we can use it as a Guide for making custom versions!!!

Thanks for the help, Appreciate it!!!!

May i ask what are the Avaible Fonts for the texts? Im was trying using the google fonts but none of them work, so if there is a specific List of which fonts are used, i would gladly ask for it please

Yep, this is one of the Reasons why you should be more famous, The amazing work you do!!!