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This game, is such a greta parody Beat-em-Up! Styled Game i've seen today!
I really love the graphics and animations!! 

I also have A TON of ideas i could like to share!, but maybe they are too many to say here so i'll say one instead

Begin "Custom Character!", Just like Custom Music, you basically replace the in-game Character of Colin with a different character!, most likely should be very specific cases like, for waves mode! So it doesn't interrupt the cutscenes and main story mode flow!

Anyways, again, this game is, SO MUCH fun to play!, and i have A LOT of fun experimenting with the Custom music support!! Hope to see More of it soon!!

thanks my friend, yup, that character customization is still in work with another things to add.
if you want to send more suggestions you can do it in my server of discord