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Thanks, I'll let you know if it magically decides to work in a future update or something. Good luck with development.

Sorry. It appears to be having the same problems. Hopefully there's some minor flaw with my mac or something, the thing's pretty old.

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When I clicked on the link, I couldn't download the test build and there is an error.

Error.JSON:RPC error 12000: API error (400):/games/623823: invalid game

Edit: figured I should try online instead of app, I could download it and opened it.

The menu is still invisible, I will send you the errorlog.

Let me know if you need anything else, also I am wondering if something is wrong with my mac.

Edit-2: Having trouble finding error log.

I didn't realize that I could click and drag on the map screen at first.

Email sent. Let me know if you need anything else.

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I clicked around a lot to see if anything would happen, the exit button worked but is invisible, I assume the entire menu is invisible but can still be clicked on.

Unfortunately uninstalling and reinstalling did not work.

The OS I have is Ventura 13.0.1

I installed via the app.

Happy to let you know and thank you for your time.

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I've played the mac version before, it worked pretty well, now it has ceased functioning. When I boot up the game, it does get past the loading screen, but I can't do anything past that except watch my little colorful dude walk forward for all eternity. I would also like to mention that before the latest update, similar things happened when entering the Toilet Realm.

Going to the carnival zone teleporter merges it with the hub world, causing a glitchy unplayable mess.

If that is the case, why does it show up under the mac filter?