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Thanks for a comment and advice!

THE HATS! Is this is Team Fortress 2 like game? :D

An entertaining game if you just need to play around with effects. Or hats. :)

Opening scene is cute. Music and art is really great. This game reminds me Forager and Stardew Walley. Great job! :)

Art is cool. As I understand it, the concept is quite entertaining, in the third attempt after working sequentially with the conditions in a jar I understood how to get xenos. :D

Music and effects is really cool! Simple and pleasant combat system gives joy for killing those creatures. And I love how was made little details: You can burn cactus and use tumbleweed as cover! :D

Did not expect the whale to be the final boss :)

Thank you :)


Thanks for comment! I'll check your game!

I just uploaded version with tutorial a few seconds ago :D

It's working, when game begins you should take a jetpack on the spaceship by pressing 'E', then using mouse for direction and space button for using jetpack you should land on one of planet.