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Game art is great, but could have really used a tutorial of some kind to explain how the game works. The latency makes it very difficult to hit enemies. Great job overall just needs some polish.

Game felt a bit clunky to control the units, but the art and design was super great well done!

This game feels so good to play. The one controls scheme makes it a bit difficult to time the shots but with a little practice it gets more intuitive. Art is absolutely incredible very well done game!

Super awesome! I didn't really understand how a one bullet bullet hell was going to work, but this turned out awesome. Was the perfect amount of frustrating where every time I would died it felt like I wanted to do better.

Interesting concept for Only One, no explanation or tutorial made the controls confusing took me and my friend a while to understand how the dash works, the triangles felt a bit ambiguous on which direction they were facing. Overall cool game!

I am embarrassed to say I died on my first attempt but I reached 1044 shortly after that. Was a very cute game well done on all the art. I want to live with those fluff balls

Cool concept a little confusing with no introduction. Figure it out after killing myself on the red guy 3 times. Nice job

Awesome game was pretty difficult to beat. Took a long time to figure out how to safely get my arrow back, made me really wish there was a dodge roll or some kind of movement option to get in and out. Was very fun to play and the art was well done.

Fun concept, had a bit of difficulty with the controls seemed like turning had a lot of momentum which made it hard to be precise with. Well done overall!

This game is a really cool concept. I really enjoyed frantically running around to place my tower to keep the enemies at bay. Only critique is that the rules were not obvious to me. Took me till wave 4 on the first level that I realized I needed to pickup the crystal things to upgrade my turret. Other than that this was super enjoyable to play. Well done!