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Woops, fixed, sorry it took so long

Fun! If only I had more artistic talent with my trackpad. Makes me want to get out my mouse.

Doesn't seem to work in FF but was able to get it to work in Chrome, if anyone encounters the same issue

Love small physics games like this, never seen the window mechanic or the physics people mechanic before. Nice stuff :3

There are not as of right now. The Python API changed quite a bit and I still haven't learned Blender 2.8x

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Amazed, got a score of 0

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Stumbled into the rules manually, was really fun just picking it up and messing around

I like the intractability/how each item is kind of different. And has a really cohesive theme :3

I really liked how the choices as links were more subtle and made me less worried about choice paralysis and _game completion_ so I could actually just play the game. 

Both of the endings I did really hit me. Life... *hugs*

Really chill, I could just listen to a song with those sounds in it. The hype from losing at a high level and going back down to a low level isn't even that bad because the music gets more atmospheric again.

I just _barely_ managed to survive the entire game. Never really was a big fan of shmups but the colors, the levels, music, and the little traps were a fun twist for me. Good stuff uwu

Fuuuuuck, surprising amount of depth. I really like all the characters, just wandering around and talking with a really nice physically controlled character. Camera was so smooth too. Really good shit, giving me tingles.

Really polished, love the little dust particles and stuff. At times challenging, at times easy. Always love this type of platformer.

My favorite part is the sharding of the toilet paper x3

(also verified not a virus)

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So cute and fun! It's simple but I really like the decisions for the swappable parts.

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Had a lot of issues installing but the output was really neat the first couple times I played with the program. After a while it felt a bit predictable but I did get it to output slightly different stuff when inputting noise or a moire pattern. Overall really cool little generator.

If you want to get this to work (I was using Python 3.6):

* `pip install Pillow` and `pip install numpy` (would be nice if there was a `requirements.txt`)

* Create a folder called `output/` or rename the input folder at the top of the script to something

* Save your image in your input folder, make sure it is _not_ an 8-bit png. It only supports 24 bit pngs. 8 bit gave me errors in readImage() transpose(), something about the axes not being the same size

This is such a cute game! Nice models and animations. Can't seem to get any music to work other than "Built-In" though.

It seems to be working now for me

Didn't think there was actually a center, and then I found it. Really cool! :3

Did you use a web crawler to get all those domains and pack them in a text file? Are the domains related by the site to site linking?

Maybe they fixed it during the bug squashing. It had issued where it would scale in multiple axes even in the quad view, which was unexpected/undesirable. Cubecus for 2.8x at that point might just be sort of a scale cage enhancements, with easy measurements and hotkeys like Hammer had.

Yeah, it's in my backlog. Blender 2.8 has the scale cage that (last I used during the beta) worked very similarly but had issues with the quadview.

Was there anything you saw in this that Blender 2.8s scale cage can't do? I haven't gotten enough time to thoroughly mess with it.

It was quite a bit of fun, brought back some nostalgia :)

Had a little trouble with the controls (not sure if I was just using an old build or maybe that I only had a keyboard and an Xbox controller and not a PS controller) but I was able to mess around in it. Love the masks and the different abilities and how they all interacted with the environment. The particle effect animals were _hella_, really want to learn how that was done. I kind of liked how you had to use each ability to actually get to the next section of the game. Slighty sad that it was default terrain + trees, but understanable given time constraints. Just had so many cool visuals of the level when you guys explained it to me. Liked the tiered nature of the map and how it required the abilities to progress. Would have been cool if there'd have been one level to tie all the masks together and use them all (or maybe there was another scene I just didnt get to?).

Nice work though! I had fun messing around and glitching the flying + dashing together to scoot around the level

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Was able to play this at LTUX. I absolutely love the free roam nature with all the little secrets and tiny details. The city feels so alive with the rendered room/window feature. The dungeons were pretty fun and challenging. Feels polished even in it's current state, just feels like it needs some more content and a little more polish applied to other areas but it feels actually releasable.

Excited to see where this project goes!