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What a wonderful experience, plays surprisingly like the original.

Thanks! There is a fullscreen toggle actually, bound on F11. The level design was done entirely by Gruntled and man is he good at it! Choosing levels is a good idea as well, we plan to have more levels and do a grand-prix like selection of four levels you get to play at a time. Thank you so much for the feedback!

Thanks for the feedback! The level design was all Gruntled, and I agree he did a stellar job on it. We hope to fix the camera issues in a full release, that darned thing gave us so many problems I'm surprised it's as tolerable as it is. Powerups are a great idea, something we hope to add to the final game. Thanks again for the feedback!

Thanks for the feedback yo, yeah I realized when playing Switch it Back that there wasn't a real incentive for switching in our game, where Bump it Back did a great job of motivating the player to use the main mechanic. Definitely will be on our list of fixes for a full release, along with the spinning out and crashing which were mostly a result of the time constraints we were under. Getting too far ahead and behind is something we'll also have to work on that didn't come up in our own testing, so thanks for mentioning it!

quality game

If you wanna join his Discord server, here's a link: