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Please guys, continue working on this game! It's adorable and has lots of potential to become an actual game, honestly!

Thanks for your feedback! And yes, indeed. Unfortunately, I ran out of time to do all the mechanics that I wanted to do. But I aprecciate your opinion, and will keep this in mind for when I continue working on it :)

Hey! I liked how fast it could make me feel stressed hahaha. I would like to suggest some combinations that don't execute commands on the computer. And while the idea does fots in the theme, I feel like "messed up controls" is the first idea that could come up on this Jam's theme, so maybe a little more polish on the idea would have helped to create something more innovative. However, it did make me struggle at the beggining, so I can give that to your game c:

Thank you! I'm glad you have likes the Art n-n

It has a good aesthetic, and I like the animations of both the environment and the character. I feel like the idea fits the theme, but a few changes in the spawn rate would have made it get a little crazier after some time. Also, as some others have suggested, the controls could have improved by letting move in diagonal and let cut at the same time you move.

Thenk you, very much!

Thank you, very much!

Why is that?

Please download this version insted. It has a better optimization

Hi! Go to this link to download an optimized version