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I love this game. And plan on playing more.

Thank you for the good time!

I’d like to suggest a 1-2 if possible! Great game and a great time!! 

This game is the chaos

I love how the story was conveyed and how it went along. It was a smooth but very emotional story.

very difficult but its still very fun all around! 

not gonna lie. Did not expect a lot of that.

Loved this weird creepy game. The second level was creepy but it ‘‘twas super fun!

JUST PURE FUN and addiction 


despite being tired. was a legit fun game. unique premise and fun slash and dash.

very stressful game that gets your blood pumping and going. great work!

I think its cool that you made a multiple scenario game 

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I had a fun time playing this one. cute game. Awesome work!

Genuinly thought this was a cool game. kinda scared me at one point but I'm excited to see where the story goes!

Loved the fart keep up the good work!

was an odd experence but hey most games are anyhow!

I'm not gonna lie, I was quite startled. But i did find it fun to watch the other people on this page play the game for a few seconds. a little meta, but it was fun! Thanks for the fun experence!