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Hey Agua Thanks! Most of the animation work was done in photoshop frame-by-frame. Then brought into the engine as sprite sheets. Most background stuff like trees etc was animated in engine. (We used Unity for the engine). If you wanna know more you can email me at



hey sorry to hear you're having trouble, could you let me know what operating system you're running? James x

Hi, co-creator James wrote and produced all of the music. You can download the high quality tracks if you donate $3, or listen on YouTube


Hey everyone,

We've just released a minor update that fixes some small visual and audio bugs. 

And for those of you that have been asking, an official release of the soundtrack is coming some time next week.

Thanks! x

Hey, we're just finishing up a bunch of fixes, I'll be sure to add enable the resolution options in the Linux version

really really nice art style x

We've uploaded a Linux version due to popular demand, but it's very untested so please don't pay for it before trying!

'It's good to be wet!'

We just finished our first video game; 'The Good Time Garden'. It's gross and free and our mum's don't like it.

Explore a throbbing pink world full of strange naked creatures to gather food for your friend in this short, surreal experience. The Good Time Garden features frame-by-frame, hand drawn animation and an original soundtrack.