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Corey Mayo

A member registered Apr 16, 2020

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Hi! I posted my actual play on rpg geek:

I enjoyed the short version, which I was able to finish in less than 2 hours.

I'm trying out The Black Hack and wanted to play a randomly generated dungeon. Your tables are far superior to what is in the Black Hack book and have the square grid below it--very helpful for someone like me that can't draw very well. 


I really love the direction this supplement has taken my campaign. Thanks for your work on this.

Digging the great selection of new oracles, especially the Sojourn/Hearten and Port/Settlement/District stuff. Great job, everyone. 

If I had a last minute oracle request, it would be for more themes and types of domains for those of us that like to run Delve-like expeditions.


If this has a Netrunning skin of Delve, I'm gonna love it.

I enjoyed playing this very much. Keep up the imaginative work!

I thought it was a great journaling game that drew from me a story I never could have sat down and written on my own. 

If anyone is interested, here is my story:

The quickest way to my heart is a form-fillable character sheet. Thank you!

Thanks for the reply. Considering the short rest times in Bucket, the soundtrack isn't that big of a deal, but I'm playing a lot of sci fi RPGs lately and want it as a resource.

Is the soundtrack available and I missed it? Can't find a link...

I have already been doing this (Getting Better for each milestone). :)
But I only level up a PC if they satisfy the old school requirements of killing and looting during the milestone. My 2 PCs have reached 2 out of 8 milestones, but one of my PCs only has been levelled up once because they fled a fight. 

However, they are already fairly strong now--they have been lucky and found 3 scrolls in the early going. It's possible PCs may get too strong too quickly in longer campaigns...

Days 2-4:

Admittedly, this doesn't show much mechanically, so I will add that I am at 2 progress of an 8-step journey/adventure (rolled into one) and am on Misery #2, using d2 for my morning calendar rolls.

Been using your system the last few days. Great job! Here is my first play using a dungeon with brand new randomly rolled characters:

Perfect timing! I just bought MB a couple of days ago for solo!