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fantastic! I'll give it a go tonight. Thanks!

Hi purchased this game yesterday. It's a lot of fun! I grew up playing a lot of Nethack and obviously this is more simple given the constraints of the 64, but it also plays to the 64s strength in sound and color.

NTSC original hardware here. I've now twice gotten to the 8th level and killed a certain thing which drops an item. When I step on the item it crashes the game completely. I fired up Vice last night to see what happens in PAL mode, but I got to the 8th level and died a normal death. 

Anyhow, great game! Hopefully the crashing issue can be fixed soon, that I assume is probably related to running in NTSC.


Just got into this again on my 64. Was going on a trip and thought I'd get the android version to keep working on the puzzles, but appears it is no longer available?

I completed this game last night. It's fantastic! The story keeps you wondering what will happen next.  The graphics are A+ for the Commodore 64. Really enjoyed the music and sound effects. The "Remind" command is super helpful to keep progression going, especially after a break. I played my first JRPGs on the NES, despite owning a Commodore 64. JRPGs just were not and still aren't common on the 64. Remembering a lot of experiences with the NES, they had far less animation and of course the sound never matched the 64s SID tunes in Briley Witch.  It's truly a work of art for the C64 and definitely a game you should try if you're a fan of the genre.

So, restored from previous save. Before I'd gone up and to the left after the Braylen encounter, this time I got a different objective to go to the Deep Forest walking directly left of where I was in front of Chandler's Home.

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Having a progression issue.  Supposed to talk to Clarissa, per Smokey, but Clarissa just asks if she can help me.

This directly after I was confronted in front of Lynetts house by Bralen Whitehead after healing the Evil Spirit in the Deep Forest.

Running a C64C in NTSC and using a Kung Fu Flash. Save had been saved and played prior with 1.0, but downloaded and ran the 1.0.1 and loaded my save from disk, but no change.

Just finished the game.  It was fantastic.  It did take me a while to figure out navigating the island.  Probably would have helped had I used the drawing in the manual for reference, hah.  Once I finally got my bearings though I started rolling on through to completion.  The end gameplay is very intense and really thought the final cutscene was awesome.  Probably best played with a gamepad.  Got some real Joystick Thumb on my left hand from using a CX-40 :).  Thanks!

Bought this direct from the Protovision webstore.  Running on a real C64C (longboard with 6581 SID, etc), using EasyFlash 3.  I'm enjoying it quite a bit, but also having trouble with it freezing, usually during some sort of transition, level changes, etc.  Once it freezes, if I do a soft reset it will freeze again in nearly the same place.  If I power cycle it, it will usually play past the part it froze previously, but freeze sometime later.  Really enjoy the game (at Stage 9) and hope I can figure out the annoying freezes.