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Google Chrome, 64 bit. Might have been on my old laptop then, but it should be the same specs

Your art is as amazing as always. Not a big fan of the navigation style on this one; side-scrolling through the pictures becomes tedious when it comes to just moving filters over them, and the transition between slides is not quite as smooth as it should be. The images would work better in a more standard web-comic format, IMO.

Also, was there a PoV shift in the middle of the story?  In the beginning it seemed like we were following red/blue-haired girl, but by the end we're plushie-girl instead.  Just found it confusing, especially with so little dialogue to  help the transition. 

...I saw too much of myself in this for my comfort. Well, that probably speaks well to your writing; there's something very real about it. 

Will say that the overlay of text and images on the main menu screen is a visual mess. It's a good illustration, and I like how colorless it is. But the text is getting lost in it, kind of?

I need to know more about this setting. Damn. You got your masked people and kindly sadist gods and all this incredibly dark imagery coming in on all sides and it's bloody awesome. I can't say I understand the significance of any of it, but I very much want to. 

And I love how kind Osteon is, given the circumstances. Genuinely admirable hero material.

Please write more! I'd love to read it!