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understood - and you are at the forefront of music creation on the playdate. I was asking because I saw a pedal that could play a sequence with a rotary dial on a cassette and I realized that the play date could do same thing !  Thanks for your reply - appreciated :) 

Thank you for version 3 - very good !  

Feature request - Would be really really nice to be able to play the sample 100 % with the crank (and not just control the speed).  Also, would be nice to be able to drop mp3 samples via usb. 

Thank you :) 

congrats to the whole team - this game is really good. I played twice the whole game.  For v1.1 you mention that there are new characters at the end, what are they ? I am not sure I am seeing this new content. Thank you ! 

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hi - really liking this music thing :). Would be nice to control the bpm but I guess you can kinda do it with the intervals. Thanks for this !

Hi - really like this music sequencer. Would be nice to be able to fine tune the BPM - may be with the crank ? Also, since playdate has a lot of drum sounds built in, why not add a few more drum sounds to the sequencer (may be split notes and drum on 2 screens) - thanks well done !

Hi - for the sequencer, is it possible to change the bpm ?

Thanks !

Hi - would I be able to use this tool to convert wav audio to pda ? Thanks !

Great app - super easy to use with the demo samples. Love the simplicity of the playdate buttons to set mode and play patches.

I really, really would like to be able to record or load samples so that I could make my own patches (instead of using programming language).  With the ability to record/load samples, this would easily be the best music app for the playdate ! 

I have worked with the application quite a bit now and I simply love it. It creates amazing sound textures for my music on Logic Pro. Easy to use but also quite powerful in creating ambient sounds and effects.  Thank you :) 

Amazing game ! Detailed graphics, beautiful scenery, funny dialogues, nice little intrigues. This is one of the most polished game in playdate and in my top 3 :)

hi - is granular stereo ? Thanks !

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Excellent and fun game - Played through and really enjoyed it. So much to find and lots of surprises and funny people along the way :) 

Really well done - this is a game that I keep playing and playing and playing :)

not playdate game - change tag ! 

Not play date - change tag 

thank you ! I love the game but was finding some of the dash move a bit challenging :) 

for what it is worth, I would love to see more chapters or a game similar to this one - lots of potential here :) 

ok - I should have though about that - thanks 😀

hi - nice little game - the dialogues are witty and funny. Are there more than 3 chapters ? I couldn’t finish chapter 3 (printer room). 

Ok - I will try to provide more info next time it happens. Thank you

Hi - I have played a lot and just to say that the game often crashes the play date. Don’t know if something can be done about it. It often happens at the end of a level. 

Sounds good - happy holidays ! 

hi - I pre order but when will the game be available ?

Will do ! :) 

This game was so much fun - great storyline and just a blast overall

Wow - what an awesome game - it uses the playdate star features like the crank and accelerometer to make this game a whole lot of fun and the graphics and storyline are amazing. Thanks to the team for an amazing game and for making the playdate simply the best gaming platform :) 

really good game ! A lot of fun, great graphics, music and good progression in the levels. Definitely one of the best game on playdate :) 

Awesome game - so funny and a blast to play !

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Really well done ! It is so much fun to draw with this little app for the playdate. I wish there would be different colours - kidding :) but it would be so nice to have another size for the pencil and a fill tool - thanks !

Great game - I really enjoyed it - very well done - looking forward to additions :) 

love this game - challenging, funny, super well done, many levels, great graphics and anything relating to coffe has my thumbs up :)

excellent game ! Love the use of the crank - a classic game but very well done for the play date :)

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awesome game - very well done - really like the graphic details with the ball moving and bumping - I would love to see a time function (time challenge or counter) so that one could try to do same levels but faster - also may be a swooshing sound when goes in the whole - thank you !

oups forgot to mention that the crank is super sensitive - you barely touch it and the crank image shows up 

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great idea ! and I am getting the hang of it - this game is well done - you have to be a little bit strategic in where you place the cup and with the timing - another great game in the pack and I think this is my fav :)

ok yes - it works - thank you :)

Hi - in descapades - the coffee cups do not appear - is there a trick ?

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really nice game - good narrative and funny - nice graphics - I really enjoy it - and like many others, can't wait for other chapters :)