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It seems like it's my internet, I got my things downloaded but that was on my phone. I have checked antivirus and I do not thing that may be the problem. I was trying to download games that I don't thing my WiFi could handle them. (At the time of downloading those apps, I had much faster wifi, and my phone did not have all the tasks taking up the internet.)

Where would I find the server address?

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While currently I have no responses, I have figured out, with another device(Quest 2 in my case), you can download those apps. The answer to my question is still pending however. (This is just a temporary fix until this is solved)

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I have constantly tried to install the Quest Arena apk, but it constantly stops and says it is forbidden. I have also tried to install the itch app, but when installing, it gives a net::ERR_HTTP2_PROTOCAL_ERROR error, please help.