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Thanks so much! 
To unlock Jack you must beat the Halloween challenge in “challenges”

The challenge is unlocked by beating the game for the first time

Good luck! 

If you join the discord we are currently working on a tool for checking item effects and values, more than half the items in the game are currently viewable so far

And of course feel free to ask me any questions you might have!

Thanks a ton! 

Thumbtacks large sprite should be fixed in v3.2.3b

Let me know if it somehow isn't fixed

Thanks for the feedback

I’ll be bringing it back later today I think

I’ll try having tap shooting be an optional mechanic for slightly higher firerate 

I’m testing out a new feature where you press shoot instead of hold it

Once you reach a high enough firerate however it will become automatic again

The hope is to make shooting feel more engaging, fun and use more skill 

Let me know what you think after a bit more playtime 

If you play on browser it will automatically update but if you download the game (recommended) then you’ll have to redownload the game each update 

Thanks so much! 

Here’s a tip:

By using your ability you can get a few seconds of invincibility, time it well and it can prevent taking damage or even allow you to tank through tough bosses

Good luck! 

Thanks for the feedback! 

Thanks that’s really kind! 

I’ll look into making endless easier, it’s definitely received a heavy increase in difficulty since v3.0

Do you think the difficulty is coming from enemies/bosses/tiles having too much hp, not getting enough hp, too many bullets to avoid and/or prices being too high?

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for letting me know, I'll get to work on these
I'm hoping to have a new version later today 

That's really strange, I'll look into it soon

The fact it's happening seemingly at random times is alarming 

Yeah there’s nothing I can do about that, it needs to be approved by a QA team

I’ll announce in the discord when it gets updated 

No problem, glad to hear the game is back to being more stable and bug free

I really appreciate the feedback as well!  

Sorry about that bug, hoping to have a chance to fix it soon

Yeah sorry save data doesn’t carry over when playing the browser version 

This is a lot of great feedback

A lot of the things here I can fix without too much hassle

I agree that Swain needs a rework however, the health system isn’t very fun and was kind of rushed

I’ll try and fix all of these this weekend if I can 

Yeah that’s the intended effect, haven’t had a chance to fix it in a while but I hope to soon 

You’ll need a very heavy amount of damage yeah 

Weird I thought I fixed this bug, I’ll take another look at it thanks 

Can you let me know which ones you've seen so I can get rid of them?

Thanks this is great feedback!

I appreciate all the help you've been!

I'll get to work on those suggestions

Oh weird I’ll take a look into that thanks 

That’s a pretty good item idea

I’ll see it I’m able to make it

Just fixed!
Also a new character! 


Just released an update which fixes this and makes Cholla immune to bombs


I'll fix that, thanks for telling me

(1 edit)

Pierce no longer works on hedges, it was too overpowered so it only works on enemies now

What do you mean by freezing? 
Thanks for playing by the way 

I’m glad you like it!

Join the discord if you want to know more about the development:

of course! 

You can let me know on the discord:

Thanks so much!

Check out the discord if you're interested in keeping up with development

Oh thank you so much!

A new update is coming out in a few moments 

I hope you enjoy!

I’ll work on fixing him

Thanks for playing 

I’ll look into that, thanks for playing 

oh my god lmao, did you get so many peas the items had negative costs? That’s amazing

Thanks for playing!

I've actually worked on both of your suggestions and have been making updates every day

If you'd like to see what I've added/changed you can follow the development on the discord:

Oh my god thank you so much, this was a lot of fun to watch and very useful feedback

Im releasing an update later today which will have more quality of life features and heavily heavily reduce the difficulty of the bosses

I also released an update yesterday which added clearer item descriptions, descriptions in the shop, a new teleporter and more chests

Thanks for playing!

The meta update is out!

New character: Camellia
Has an unique ability to duplicate items but has more fragile health

11 in total so far