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This is so damn good. I was in love with Virtua-On as a kid and it's great to play something that looks like that. Played for at least an hour, definitely wishlisting this because I love it. 

found this on reddit, finally got around to playing it. LOTS of fun, I love it. 

is this playable without VR?

this is a LOT of fun, only managed to win on my first run (got lucky). i love this whole thing.

this is a fantastic game

Phenomenal use of RFPS, impressive work and it's a lot of fun too. 

sounds great, i'll look out for an update in the future

Blur effect is a little intense, as is the helmet texture and the character feels short or something. It felt like I was straining to see anything. 

I use Unity, are we allowed to use 3rd party (free or purchased) toolkits/libraries for this so long as all our art assets come from Kenney?

It really looks different than anything else but makes good use of all the features. If that asset was still under development they'd put it in their showcase video trailer for sure. 

Just getting into this and I needed to share my first thought which is: This is the best use I've ever seen of RFPS. 

Crashes after the intro and menu screen only works with keyboard control. Would love to try out this demo.