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I loved - with every molecule of my beeing - to have been able to admire, visit and walk inside those  wonderfully crafted structures and places.

Thank you, from the botton of my heart, for making this game.

When I'll be able to, I will immediately purchase a copy of this game. 

I'm in debt with you for what you've donated to my llife with this experience.

I have to pay you back somehow.

Even if what you gave to me, with this game, is absolutely priceless.

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Entrate a far parte di questa insolita avventura testuale: un costante dialogo fra voi ed il protagonista, intento ad attraversare mondi di cui sarete liberi di decidere le sorti.

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I Played this game 2 years ago...

And it's been part of my memories untill that day.

Thank you, Tristan Harris.

Amazing game.

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Wonderful game. 

Thank you so much for the decision to go from a ( for sure ) early scratchy idea - about an "horror-space-story" -, to a real and tangible horror game. 'Cause delvelopping is never easy ( in my opinion ) and it's good to remember that, by addressing all the efforts that have been done to create such a good, atmospheric and stylized game.

Keep up the good work.

I really appreaciated this.

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Game set in one pixelated room.

" Lets look at my Frames... "