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thats so cool! Glad you like it and thanks for telling me.

Hello, this looks like a quite interesting project but its not my style of art. Thanks for asking. :)

Hello, every product in the store has a link for the same license. But is this one here

Thank you, i'm glad to know you find it useful

Hello, the Rpg Maker MV and MZ recognize each letter of the tilesets aka: A, B, C with different files sizes. Like the A tileset will use, for example: 

A1 and A2 are 768 x 576 pixels

A3 is 768 x 384 pixels

A4 is 768 x 720 pixels

A5 is 384 x 768 pixels

B-E Tilesets are 768 x 768 pixels.

So, you must put the correct letters on the correct slot/layer, If you want to use a Tile on a different layer you must use an image editor and pass the tile to the correct image file. Hope this reply helps with you issue, but if not, send an email to or a PM on my Discord Kyoh#1136


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Yes! I'm sorry for the late reply for many of your comments, but for some reason the just did not notified me about it :(

No problem, I have plans on the future for this size. Either way I always releasing New stuff or they may be useful for a diferent project, so just follow me for the updates :)

Thank! I just fixed it. I will take a look at the other tilesets later.

Its not a variant, but a resize. still the same sprite. You can ask any question, I'm here for this :)

it is not? I will sort it out.

Oh, that wall is exclusive of the Rpg maker, is something the engine does alone, not made by me, you will see that the top part is different that the one in the normal asset pack. You can see it in the Rpg maker folder.

Hello, the corners are just above the walls. :D

Very well done. Love it.

its supposed to be there. The grass and the road. The road tile works as autotile if you used it in the correct layer

hello, Unfortunately this is the only asset  that is not natively compatible with MV and MZ, you can use it on paralaxe mapping tho

its cool, I played it. Keep up the good work

Very cool. Congratz for doing so:D

Interesting concept, keep up the good work :)

generally one to two in a month but you can always pay one time to get the releases and cancel after. Feel free.

Hello, this new asset have already a good discount on release, I also would recomend you to support us on patreon which is always 5$ for everything. :)

Hello, sorry to hear that, the sale generally lasts 30 days, which I change every month to a Bundle sale which a higher price, something is a better deal than others.  So it's like a Sale every 2 or 3 months

Hello, you can use it, but the character pack is quite old and the style is a bit different

this is weird, really, but I will take a look. Do you tried the full spritesheet?

thanks for the compliment and purchase. I dont think there is a problem? This never happenend before, all files are Black?

hello, thanks for the purchase! First of all, you must know how to make animated events, which is quite simple. You must make an event, choose a sprite with an animation, and set a Mark on the "moving" box on the event or something like that and they should run normally inside the game project. If you have more questions just send an email to  :)

hello! The battlers are static images if thats the question.

This is weird. I will take a look further on those. Thanks

Great, I will fix this later

Yes, a winter village! The showman is supposed to be included. Are you sure is not there?

if can be icons you can find some in the starter pack of icons and maybe the 5000+ icons I do have memory of making those

For tilesets you mean? you can find some on the Miner's Cave.

Thanks! If you got any issue, let me know.

Correct. ;)

thats easy, you can look at the disclaimer and features in every asset page. The ones that are compatible will say specifically

not all, yes, but almost all. By compatibility I mean native compatibility

You mean the color, and UI stuff file from the rpg maker? Unfortunately, not yet. Most assets are compatible with RMMV and MZ tho

Yes you can use it on any project or game unlimited times. The post has a link to the license if you want to take a better look. Any question im here tho.

thank you! Its a good yet a old project. Im working on a new generator for the future, featuring many more stuff and a new artstyle.

thank you! Most of the time I use a software called Tiled to make the maps, now the ones with light are generally on RPG Maker with some special plugins

good to know you worked it out :)