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Not for this one, but on the future i will work on a new generator, more complete and to match my new style, face generator is something i want to work on too.

Just purchased it, pretty cool swords, cool size for ARPG like diablo or hero siege, keep up the good work! Hope you make more packs, likes new weapons, armors, and pieces of equipment.

Hello, i will answer this questions with the best of my abilities.

1- This sprites have commercial and non commercial use, for almost any purpose except you can modify as you see fit, except share it or resell it.

2- You will have a modified(better) version of all the icon packs i described on the list in the end of the page, further it is all the sprites i have currently except for one (dark fantasy) intended to be a standalone product.

3- Yes, you will get everything i released until today for 5$ and will always get everything while you stay as a patreon, the new products i mean.

Hope this helps, Regards ;)

Thanks for the compliment, i may update an "desaturated" version for free in the future

All the old icons got recolored to the new palette i'm currently using, there new recolored icons and some new icons with little changes, the outline has been updated too to a thinier and better looking one, so its not a mandatory thing but may be interesting and useful.

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Interesting concept and art style, so minimalistic

Thank you!

If you mean the one close to the purple fire skull, this one is a Net, you can use it for Web or entangled conditions.

Absolutely, you can read it on the features and right section but you can use in most type of projects.

Thank you, as always ;)

Im glad everything is alright

Thanks! What happened? I will fix right away.

Of course, add me anytime, my discord is Kyoh#1136

Hello, im Caio, creator of this Character Generator and i want to make a new one using your base commercially. Can i use it somehow or buy a licence?

Yes! You can use my assets packs on almost anything, the license just dont cover selling it as a standalone product. You can use it as a part of any product(even commercial ones) as soon as you adquire any of my icon packs.


Oh, cool. Thank you for showing me this. Its aways good to know on what are people using my work.

Thank you! Nice Idea, after i finish the fantasy set i will probably make some add-ons, like modern, sci-fi, steampunk and others.

You mean, all the icon sets packs? Of Course, In the Future.

Perfect, then. thank you.

Good afternoon, is this free commercial?

Good afternoon, is this commercial free for using in my projects?

its a bit sad, but thanks for the answer

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Good afternoon, why weapons and armor are not suported? without it the plugin sounds a bit less useful, becaus i see no way to call upon only equipments.

Are these, ready to use in the rpg maker MV? I mean, on Rpg maker mv spritesheets. Anyway, really a beautiful work.

Hello and good morning! Im a rpg maker assets developer too,i like your assets, what you think about we make an coop bundle? email-me please

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Hello and good morning! Im a rpg maker assets developer too,i like your assets, what you think about we make an coop bundle? email-me please

Hello there. beautiful work! I dont know if its a error but there's a part of text saying that "These assets are Royalty-Free - Attribution is appreciated, but not required" but this is a "buying product".

Great and useful work!

English Version Available now! :D

really nice work! already downloaded, thanks!

really beautiful art and game, im a rpg maker game developer too and i find really interesting the player battlers bellow the enemy, how did you get this? 

Cool and cute art, looks good to use on some "sunny" fantasy game

Awesome work!  Your art is inpiring!

Beautiful art and animations!

Really cool, i will probably buy this to use in my game. Do you know if its organized to use on RPG MAKER MV?

XD, i will make on my mother language and translate to english after, so, i hope you enjoy the game on the future

sorry fren, it will be an english version on the future, and its portuguese lol