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Clockwork Raven

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I Saw it, it's looks great! Thanks for using the assets :)

not for this pack but perhaps in a future one

Thanks Vexed! Glad you like the cursor, thought it would be a nice addition

Thanks Piotr!

thanks! And the characters have only an Idle animation

Thank you! Hope to see a project of yours using it in the future :D

Thanks! Nice to know you like it!

Hey, glad you like it! I love working on it and definitely I will make more in the future! :D

hello, they are not, its only stactic designs ;)

Thanks Seliel! This means a lot for me 😳

hello, craftpix team is licensed to sell it, its not sold by me. :)

This has lots of potential, very fun, i would put the dash button on the mouse tho, space is harder to use :)

the game looks cool! Inspired in vampire survivors i think? Glad you like my work, and i hope success to your project

Working on it!

Yes! Its on my plans for the close future

Thanks! And I'm glad you found it useful ;)

Im glad you like it!

Hello, thanks for asking, you can read the full license at my profile but yeah, you can use this asset as part of any commercial or noncommercial game :)

Excellent asset, very cool tilesets, hope to see more :D


Thanks for acquiring it. Glad to know you find it useful!

Thank you!

hello, Im glad you like it! there is belts and gloves in the pack im sure :)

Glad to know i made something you were seeking, thanks!

why not? i will do it when i release a new roguelike icons set

thanks! Definitely in the future!

thanks! Perhaps in a future asset ;)

animated beer mugs? 

hello, thanks for acquiring it! And yes, you can ask for a refund by contacting the support, they will handle everything else :)

Great job, nice variety! :D

Impressive, so detailed!

Very cute!

I'm glad you like it! I will definitely make more in the future

Oh, these are looking nice!

hello! 64x64 pixels

Looking cool! You captured well the pokemon vibe xD

A nice addition, looking really nice!

nice, a basic image editing capability is a general requirement and also a very useful tool to the daily life so, you will not regret learning it

glad you like it!

thanks cody! I appreciate, success in your project :)