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Yes it is : ) Relatively soon as it's just been removed from Steam (due to me closing down my limited company) ... it's all very much a hobby now!

Hello, replied on the Citadel 1986 posts : )

Hello, I've added a support email address to ... I get so much spam on an old email address I'm terrified about posting it directly here (some bot will read it at some point) : )

Happy to help out via chat if it's about the game?

Hello, it's been a while so it's time to put another game out on : D

Scavenger : Traverse giant alien infested space hulks ... in 2D!

As my website hosting is about to run out, the rest of my games should start appearing more quickly now! Follow for more games & announcements ; )


Sorry for the delay ... I'll make both those games available as 'pay what you like' on soon : )

Hello! Absolutely, I'm just in the process of closing down the original site, so all the games will be on as part of that process. Should be a week or two.

Also ... check out the other games! There's different genres and they're all 'name your own price' ... free is fine :D

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Slowly releasing my games on and decided to speed things up a little : It's Two Game Sunday Day!!

They're both block-based puzzle games, one with pictures and flipping, the other with moving and sticking! I'll let you figure out which is which. Hope you like them ... please 'follow' if you're interested in more of these games : )

Pyracubes on

Mirror Mixup on

Hello, another weekend, another of my old games released on <3

If you like your block-pushing puzzle games, then please try out this block-pushing puzzle game. There's also an arcade mode where you sort cubes to prevent a meltdown and the game features a somewhat stressed robot, poor thing!

[ ][ ][ ] O_o  [ ][ ][ ]

It's free/pay-what-you-like : D

Cubology on

Hey Zuba, thanks your generous purchase (!) and for telling your friends : D

I did port Kitten Sanctuary to iOS and Android, a long time ago back before F2P and IAP had completely taken over.

Apple likes to make things obsolete however and I found I didn't have the resources to keep up. Eventually, Apple removed the games ... which was a shame as the games all still ran on 1st Gen Devices.

Ha, mini-rant ... you may have hit a sore spot there : P

Thanks & best wishes,

Kitten Sanctuary


I've just released Kitten Sanctuary on and it's free!

Rescue kittens from pesky aliens (and their match-3 traps) then care for them using the resources you find in-game.

It's an older game, but a much loved one, so it's nice for it to have a new home on here on : )

Kitten Sanctuary on


It was quite broken :'(

Hey there, I'm sorry I missed your message. Hope you're still around!

Why did I rename from PiEyeGames? I have no idea. It's amazing when folk recall the games from when they were kids, get it a fair bit with Kitten Sanctuary, but great to hear there were some Circulate fans out there :D

Maybe I should rename again, Clockwork Pixels seems a bit cold compared to PiEye, looking back.

Cheers : )

Ha, I was afraid you'd say that! ...  will look into it soon, see how broken it is : D

Hey there, thanks for the re-purchase!

Can't believe there's so many people here who remember the game, considering it never sold all that well : P

It did have an editor! All the games share a common engine (custom direct-x thing). Unfortunately the UI-heavy editors (Cubology had one too) developed enough issues during an update a few years back, that I decided to remove the menu link. Never thought anyone would notice!

If you *really* want to see the editor, let me know and I'll take a look into it : )

Hey, thanks for that, great to hear about folk playing the games when they were little ... can't believe it's been that long (I'm so old!) : )

Hey, thanks for the comment/purchase : )

I ported some of the games to iOS/Android, but not Circulate because a publisher had already optioned the game for mobile . Unfortunately it never appeared.

Hope you enjoy the game!


I've just uploaded Arklight and it's currently free / 'Pay What You Like' : D

>>> You can find Arklight on using this link <<<

Although new to, I wrote this game ages ago. It's a scrolling, sci-fi, breakout game based on a Commodore 64 game I wrote as a kid (seemed like a good idea at the time).

 Let me know what you think ... and give me a follow if you like it : )


Sorry I missed this post at first!

Ha, I occasionally get nostalgic messages about Kitten/Puppy Sanctuary cause of the cute characters, but this is a first for Circulate : D

I hope it lived up to your memories and thank you for purchasing it ... it's much appreciated!

Thanks for the video! It's fun watching someone else play the game ... terrifying ending though : )

Thanks to whoever just bought the game! That's the first time anyone's bought one of my games under Pay What You Want terms ... I feel so 'indie' right now : D

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Hi, I've just released Circulate on and it's currently Pay What You Like : )

This is the link you need to click to find Circulate on

I'm in the process of putting all my games up and I'm going to release a bunch of them as Pay What You Like, at least for the first week or so. I won't post every game here, so please give me a follow if you'd like to know when they're released : D

Circulate's a Rotate-Levels-to-Achieve-Goals type game, so it was tricky finding suitable tags! It's one of my first games as an indie, maybe 15+ years ago, so the graphics could be better, but I've maintained the game all these years and it still plays fine. See what you think!

Circulate on


Ha, you should get quite some distance with a wireless : )

I was play-testing before putting the game up and thought some of the magnet levels might be impossible due to hacky coding and faster PCs ... but managed to complete them using a constantly-spinning-zero-gravity technique, so all should be good!

Played this the other night ... retro art/gameplay with call backs to my Gradius-playing youth ... loved it :D

I've just uploaded the full version of my new game Citadel 1986. It's currently $1.99 and there's a free demo available too.

If you're a fan of retro platform games then hopefully this is for you. It's inspired by the Commodore 64 games I used to play. There's also a load of 8-bit style, computer generated music in there which I'm really happy with. Mac version will be available soon.

Anyway, please let me know what you think : )