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Sorry, this ain't it. If you're still learning then fine, the thing works, but there's really nothing going on, the very few things that happen are very predictable and leave little impact. But the worst part is, did you really need me to download a setup to install, with no desktop shortcut, what is basically just an archive with the game in it in a system folder? Couldn't I just download the archive from

Man! You've improved so much since I first randomly found Submachine 3 all those years ago on a random italian website! Nice to see you're still holding to this tradition, even though I got to this one pretty late. Charming work as always!

Hey, thanks to you for making great games! Dress to express we actually played a little while back in a compilation, starting at 2:51 in this video. The guys happened to be a tad drunk when playing your games.

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Hey devs! We played both this and your previous game Dress to express, and we love your work! Here is our adventure in the world of wrestling matching, which makes for some really hilarious moments.