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I've been waiting to have some money to spend to buy this, and boy am I glad I did. Slice of sea is great in its own merit, easily one of the most complex game Mateusz has made, filled with great nods and callbacks to the old Daymare Town days (and I LOVED the subnautica reference). It's fun, it's hard, it's fair, and it's really inventive from start to finish.

One gripe I have, there's some things in the game that you can do, which give you no result in game (no item, no progression, etc) because they're made for achievements. I'm usually very indifferent to achievements, but since I bought this on itchio, there are no adchievements, which left me very confused and I had to look these things up, and that's a shame.

Still, this will absolutely remain as one of my highlights from one of my all time favorite artists. Looking forward to replaying the entire Submachine collection with that remaster.