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Thanks for spotting this! I'm not sure exactly what happened, but this issue is already fixed in the source. From memory it was one of the last fixes, so I can only imagine I forgot to upload the final build.  It should be fixed now. 

Thx. Glad to hear you approve - even tho I know you've already solved all the levels ;) 

I don't see this. Unless I misunderstand?

Only just discovered this. Nice mix of mechanics - thanks for sharing. Did you get inspiration for this from any other game?

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Thanks for the feedback. I'm very happy to take requests for new ports to puzzlescript, it allows me to prioritise. Re Threesome... you can now try the old applet again here (playable if you use an applet-runner browser extension - as described in my FAQ). I've only just updated that page so if you've visited the page recently you might need to flush your cache, or give it another go later.  You should see a "java" coffee-cup (against the title) if the page is refreshed. 

There's a bit more detail about the mechanic here: Is this enough? There's one key interaction that you must discover but the page above gives you a heavy hint. 

Sorry @moonischeese... I've deleted your post. The screenshot of the solution was too much of a spoiler. But thanks for playing. :)

Ah! Good catch. Of course... all dots must be linked into the knot also. The goal was originally "connect up all the dots" but someone discovered a solution that didn't use all the threads, so I changed the wording. It looks like another tweak is required! :)

Very clever - and visually delightful - thanks!

Slightly bonkers - but I got there in the end. Fun! :)

Thanks for playing! Yes... I was surprised also how much depth was possible on 4x4. Exhaustive computer search can sometimes yield some surprises. 

Glorious! Even better than your 2022 submission. Can’t wait for 2024!

I like this. I want to try it again, even after solving it. Simple yet absorbing. Thanks. 

Quick work! Well done and thanks for the continued encouragement. :)

The dot markers on level 3&4 are still wrong, but assuming you mean the third level in order (the one with red & blue hats) then a key step is (rot13)... chfu n oyhr ung vagb gur gbc-evtug pbeare fb lbh pna rkvg vg (oevrsyl) gb chfu gur juvgr ung fbhgu. Qba'g jbeel nobhg gur ynpx bs fcnpr - lbh pna'g trg fghpx. 

Thanks. it was easier to code that way! :)

Clever game. One of my top 10 from the jam. :)

Very enjoyable! Surprisingly tricky to get started - but bends nicely to some logical thinking. 

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This one has to be in my top 5 from the jam. A very pretty game, with an elegant underlying maze mechanic. Not yet finished - mostly because I keep wanting to explore the tutorial levels (that's my excuse!). 

Lovely. One of my top ten from the jam. Not yet finished - but I like the combo/interplay of mechanics and the fact that every level feels slightly impossible at first glance. 

Nice idea! I'm impressed that the cheesy residue actually looks like a chalk line. :)

Glad to hear you got to the end and thanks for playing! :) 

Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for playing! :) 

Thanks for playing. Just to confirm - level 8 is the one with 5 sandwiches and a 6-cell monster.  Here are some hints:

1. Lbh zhfg svefg tngure gur jubyr obql ba gur evtug-unaq-fvqr
2. Lbh jvyy arrq gb cnex bar terra pryy nobir gur sybngvat oynpx vfynaq gb shyyl zvtengr gb gur evtug
3. Gur gnvy pryy zhfg or va obggbz evtug pbeare orsber lbh nggrzcg gb zvtengr onpx gb gur yrsg

Ooops. I think I underestimated the difficulty of level 7. Other  people got stuck here also. Here are some hints...

1. Pbyyrpg gur fcner terra pryy orsber rngvat rvgure fnaqjvpu
2. Lbh jvyy arrq gb pvephvg gur tevq gjvpr
3. Sbe gur svany nccebnpu tngure nyy svir pryyf gbc evtug - jvgu gur gnvy va gur pbeare

Oh! levels 3 and 4 seem to have 4 and 3 dots respectively. The current ordering is as intended however. Well spotted! :)

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Ah. Yes. That move sequence looks very close, with just one green cell out of position. Your approach is basically in the right direction. Here are some hints in rot13. I think the first one you might already know.

1. nvz gb pyrne gur obggbz evtug 2k2 oybpx bs pryyf 
2. nibvq oernxvat gur oybo va gjb
3. fgneg ol pyrnevat gur pryy va gur prager bs gur evtugzbfg pbyhza

Thanks for giving it a go. Hope you enjoy digging your teeth in a little deeper! :)

OK. I can email you instructions how to download that. You will need appletviewer that comes with java8. My email address is on my homepage. Or you can reach me via TPG discord.

Yes, indeed, there are still quite a few gaps. Which puzzle do you have in mind? I can send you instructions how to download and run the old applet JAR file on your local machine. Feel free to email me and we can discuss further. :)

Go for it! :)

The strategy beyond two levels deep I really struggle with also. If you can find a solid strategy for the 7-switch puzzle I would consider this a success, especially if it also works for the 10-switch puzzle. Historically this puzzle was first offered as a java applet (20 years ago) which in itself was a virtual manifestation of a pre-existing physical puzzle, neither of which I originally implemented. The bug yesterday made me question whether this new app is behaving exactly like the old applet. Both apps must be fully deterministic, but differences in timing and animation could mean events happen in a slightly different order, during a large cascade of coins. The available coin slots at the top would have been chosen to ensure that all puzzles are solvable regardless of the start-state of the switches, but is this still true? Now I am not so sure. If I can clarify, I will let you know. 

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The issue is now fixed and V2 of the app is uploaded. The problem was triggered by a short stack of exactly two coins falling in unison. The first would hit the tail off a switch and fall through and the upper coin would then get caught (but the slot would remain green). An interesting edge-case, although I'm surprised it crops up so rarely!

Oh dear! Thank you for the bug report. I'm investigating right now.

I found this…

oh! That was a real story. Haha!

Thanks for giving it a go :)

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Yes, no problem. Here is the hack link:

Thanks for the feedback - I'll investigate if I can improve the sensitivity of the x-key.

Congrats on getting so far! Those last few are tricky for sure. Thanks for giving it a go, and for the progress updates. :)