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It looks cool but I can't seem to place anything or reclaim anything, not sure why

I wish there was a tutorial or at least the controls in the description because I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do here

Really beautiful presentation. You can kinda cheese it by going off screen, pretty fun tho

Great presentation, and pretty fun too!

This is really stylish, nice game!

Overall a really solid game! Tough, but fun

Nice game!

This is my favorite game so far! Love the concept and presentation, extremely well done!

Great presentation overall!

Cool concept! I thought it was kinda hard to see what was going on at times

Really well-done game overall, loved it!

Fun game :)

This is so amazing!! Love the art

Thanks--yeah, we wanted to add those things but we ran out of time :(

Thank you!


Pretty fun game! Loved it :)

Pretty fun! We think it'd be interesting if the time between stock switching was longer or if there was more visual or auditory indication of the switch. Overall though, it's a well-executed concept :)

Thank you! Yeah, you're right

Aw thanks :)

Thanks! Yeah we originally wanted to limit the amount of towers that could be placed but we ran out of time :p