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Clay Bronzewood

A member registered Dec 01, 2018

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A game that has a lot of potential!  I want to see this one finished!!!

Why can't all games be this good???!!!!

I'm still playing it! It's a seriously AWESOME game!! Too RAD!!!

You bet!  I can tell that you put a lot of energy, time and effort into create a very well-orchestrated game in the classic style!  I wish more video games look and played this well!  You should get a ton of votes, because I really think this is something very special!

Despite a few glitches that could be worked out later on, this game was a lot of fun to play!  The character designs were very cute, and I enjoyed the concept a lot!  I particularly liked the message box art, because it really showed off just how fun and cute the main character is! The puzzles start off a little simple, but then get radically difficult.  The mysterious "S" villain was a hoot!  I love how arrogant he is! LOL!  So very full of himself in that classic bad guy way!  This game has loads of potential, and is certainly worth playing. I do agree about the deceleration thing, and also about the controls.  It needs a little more polish, but it's certainly a game with a great deal of promise!

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WOW! An AMAZING GAME! Holy old school, this is good! This game reminds me of the video games that I grew up with!  The animation, graphics and characters are a lot of fun, and I especially enjoyed the tricky puzzle parts! The music choices are good too, and seem very appropriate for this time of game play!  I could see the main character starring in her own comic or animated series, as her design is PRETTY NICE!  Another favorite bit for me is the gal with the Hammer!  I loved reading her dialog.  So cheeky!  Great art and a great game overall!  Bravo!!