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Incredible game! I was instantly drawn to play again.
Only thing I'd change is the controls. Idk if it's intentional or not, but you loose the ability to move, and then never get them back. I'd like it if you can have the back for some levels. Other than that it's a swack game! Absolutely loved playing, and also beat the crap out of the machine

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Amazing game!
I really enjoyed playing this game. The controls are a bit quirky, but that makes it all that more fun.

The story behind this game is also rather interesting, and really helps set the game's ambience.

A small thing I did notice; at the start of the game it specifically says 'Zeus', but in most other places it says 'Zues'.

Also, I would like it if you could fire only one bullet (and only hit one target) when you have less than the 4 coins.

Other than that, Great Game! I loved playing this and hope to see more games in the future


Sorry bruh...

play it on scratch:

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I love the way you gimme 1 star on my game claiming copyright then you have this... I played it btw, kinda cool, missing lots, but I get the idea. Unity can be quite hard to work with. Also I have pretty basic PC; only AMD Ryzen 7 and AMD Vega 8 graphics and get 200+ FPS lol. GG.

Also, is ur game jam still goin'?